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[06:11:15] <DP2015> does the session handler in vertx.web use HTTPOnly

[06:11:39] <DP2015> also is there a way to specify Secure on the cookie

[09:34:05] <Guest68262> Anyone know why I am still getting, java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Class io.netty.handler.codec.http.DefaultCookie does not implement the requested interface io.netty.handler.codec.http.cookie.Cookie whenever I send a cookie returns Internal Server Error: I tried cleaning project, mvn clean install, tried reloading all packages

[09:34:13] <Guest68262> am using 3.0.0 any ideas?

[09:35:47] <cescoffier> Guest68262: you will need to describe what you are trying to do. It looks like you have a netty conflict.

[09:36:12] <cescoffier> Guest68262: check that you have only one version of netty in your classpath (the version used by vert.x)

[09:40:14] <Guest68262> i ma just trying to read a cookie, it was all working then broke for some reason, I have even reduced my start method to be exactly the same as the cookies example in github and it also fails. I have not been able to repair my project.

[09:40:45] <cescoffier> check the netty version you are using

[09:48:33] <Guest68262> 4.037-final, shouldn't mvn handle that dependency?

[09:49:24] <cescoffier> yes it does, but if you have dependencies using another version, it may use another version

[09:50:17] <cescoffier> it seems to be the issue. Vert.x core is using 4.0.28.Final

[09:50:51] <cescoffier> to know which dependency resolve your version, launch mvn dependency:tree

[09:52:33] <Guest68262> thanks, sorry for stupid questions new to java

[14:13:36] <purplefox> pmlopes: cescoffier[Away] hey guys, are you ok with back to the normal 9am team meeting tomorrow?

[14:13:47] <purplefox> we should do a catch up anyway :)

[14:14:03] <cescoffier[Away]> purplefox: Yes no problem, but it's at 10AM for us ;-)

[14:14:23] <purplefox> ha, ok 10am/9am meeting ;)

[14:14:51] <purplefox> and julien is back on monday (?)

[14:14:51] <cescoffier[Away]> we still use the previous invitation using your personal bluejean room

[14:15:15] <purplefox> yes, let's use that

[14:15:40] <cescoffier[Away]> I don't know if it's monday or tuesday

[14:17:00] <purplefox> well, let's do a meeting tomorrow anyway, and we can maybe do another one early next week when julien returns

[14:17:09] <cescoffier[Away]> (why am I away ???)

[14:17:17] <purplefox> lol

[14:24:14] <pmlopes> sure 10am is fine for me

[18:54:24] <amr> i recall someone here having a great example web vertx project in java

[18:54:28] <amr> can anyone remember its name?

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