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[09:20:59] <Narigo> Good morning! pmlopes I guess I can merge now - you did review the PR?

[09:22:16] <Narigo> Is it possible to let Jenkins check the PRs before merging them like travis-ci does?

[09:49:36] <pmlopes> @Narigo yes you got my thumbs up, jenkins can do that but it somehow complicated to setup…

[09:49:52] <Narigo> Okay, so I just merge and hope :)

[09:50:15] <Narigo> (locally, my tests work, so I hope it's good to go…)

[09:56:28] <pmlopes> i (personally) find travis easier to use and its feels way faster and responsive than cloudbees BUT…. sadly it does not offer the features cloudbees does such as in case of failure have full access to the build artifacts to debug whats going on… trigger builds from success of other builds, etc…

[10:26:53] <Narigo> so what's the next step to get a release for 3.2.0 and mysql-postgresql now? :)

[10:36:05] <pmlopes> @Narigo releases are handled by @temporalfox

[10:36:41] <Narigo> temporal_ = temporalfox? :)

[10:36:49] <temporal_> yes

[10:36:53] <temporal_> I don't know what happens

[10:37:05] <temporal_> ah I can do the release if the repo is read

[10:37:06] <temporal_> y

[10:37:59] <Narigo> I know what happens. You're the Internet-Lucky-Luke. You reconnect faster than your shadow disconnects.

[10:38:42] <Narigo> temporal_, so how can I make the repo ready? Right now it depends on 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT etc. and I guess we need to put the versions on 3.2.0 everywhere

[10:38:52] <temporal_> yes

[10:38:56] <temporal_> I can do that

[10:39:22] <Narigo> Okay, so then I guess the repo should be ready already…? :)

[10:39:26] <temporal_> ok

[10:39:29] <temporal_> going to do that now

[10:39:42] <Narigo> I merged the PR and Jenkins said everything gree… I mean blue.

[10:40:35] <Narigo> I just hope that using 3.2.0 Vert.x core dependency doesn't let it break?? :S

[10:42:10] <temporal_> Narigo I can stage a repo in sonatype

[10:42:12] <Narigo> (in my local tests, it works with vertx stack.version set to 3.2.0

[10:42:14] <temporal_> and you can validate it is ok

[10:42:15] <Narigo> )

[10:42:24] <Narigo> okay, great!

[10:42:39] <temporal_> if you validate I deploy and push the tag on github

[10:42:58] <Narigo> Send me the link!

[10:43:20] <Narigo> and call me … The Validator!

[10:45:57] <Narigo> temporal_, I guess the only changes needed to be done are in pom.xml: Set the <stack.version> to 3.2.0 and set <version> to 3.2.0-tech-preview (or whatever you want to call it?)

[10:46:31] <temporal_> I'm closing the repo

[10:47:04] <temporal_> Narigo here is the staging URL

[10:47:39] <Narigo> Looks good!

[10:47:50] <Narigo> Very nice!

[10:47:56] <temporal_> can you try it ? just to validate it ?

[10:48:04] <temporal_> then I can release it to central

[10:48:54] <Narigo> The best way to do that would be adding 3.2.0 as a dependency to my own project and check if they still work?

[10:51:23] <Narigo> temporal_ ?

[10:51:45] <temporal_> yes

[10:51:57] <temporal_> you should declare a repository in a pom.xml

[10:52:04] <temporal_> there is a tag for that

[10:52:06] <temporal_> or in your .m2/settings.xml

[10:52:12] <temporal_> or whereve your declare a repo

[10:52:18] <temporal_> or you can just download the jar

[10:52:20] <Narigo> I hope I did it correctly in the Gradle file…

[10:52:22] <temporal_> and install it yourself

[10:52:28] <Narigo> maven {

[10:52:28] <Narigo> url ''

[10:52:28] <Narigo> }

[10:56:10] <temporal_> yes something lie that

[10:57:16] <Narigo> The first few tests are looking good. Some errors in my tests that might come from my current “work in progress” branch. Let me go back to a working version (according to travis ;))

[11:00:05] <Narigo> …this will take a few minutes… I'll give a highlight

[11:03:18] <temporal_> ok

[11:09:10] <Narigo> I got an error now, but I'm unsure why it worked with 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT before then… :O Oh no :(

[11:41:23] <Narigo> Got it. Mauricios newest driver version added UUID as real type. It used String before, so I added a new test for UUIDs → breaks. Will change this and add a fix for that :( sorry temporal_ :(((

[11:41:40] <temporal_> Narigo no problem, better safe than sorry

[11:43:04] <Narigo> Yeah - I just realized that I could have seen this before by installing the jar locally and check it with our code base :/

[11:49:19] <aesteve> hi everyone :)

[11:50:03] <aesteve> does anyone know why SockJSSockets don't offer the possibility to write text frames ?

[11:50:40] <aesteve>

[11:57:01] <Narigo> pmlopes, thanks for looking at it!

[11:57:58] <pmlopes> sure, no problem

[11:58:31] <Narigo> temporal_, okay, so I did the PR to fix the UUID issue, pmlopes had a look at it, it's now merged and now the newest master should work out well… :S At least with the locally built module I could see all tests in our code base working again as well

[11:59:07] <temporal_> Narigo so I need to drop the current staging and remake a new one based on latest master

[11:59:39] <Narigo> temporal_, correct

[12:00:55] <Narigo> then I'll revalidate it and hopefully this time everything is working… :)

[12:01:23] <temporal_> yep

[12:01:25] <temporal_> hold on

[12:01:54] <Narigo> sure - thanks for your time!

[12:04:05] <temporal_> Narigo here is the new staging

[12:18:46] <Narigo> temporal_, everythings green here! :)

[12:28:03] <temporal_> I'm going to publish it

[12:56:52] <Narigo> temporal_, yes, go ahead :)

[13:01:16] <temporal_> Narigo It is released

[13:01:27] <temporal_> it should be available at some point in central

[13:03:14] <Narigo> Is there a service to send a person to someone's home to give them a hug?