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[08:47:37] <AshwinSurana> Can anyone help me out with Vert.X redis client ?

[08:47:44] <AshwinSurana> tryign to get a length of list

[08:48:02] <AshwinSurana> teh result returns String QUEUED isntead of length of the list

[08:48:04] <AshwinSurana> :(

[08:48:50] <AshwinSurana> client.llen(KEY, lenEvent → System.out.println(“LLEN ”+lenEvent.result()+lenEvent.succeeded());)

[08:49:24] <AshwinSurana> lenEvent.result() is supposed to return a long, but I get a String instead. :(

[08:57:39] <AshwinSurana> Apparently it return QUEUED when in a transaction , i.e. multi

[09:00:07] <AshwinSurana> Ok got the issue sorted :)

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