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[00:00:03] <temporal_> and also add that it will be implemneted differently in next versions

[00:00:12] <temporal_> or that it can be work arounded with

[00:00:26] <temporal_> client.get(80, “the-proxy”, “”, resp → {}).host(“”);

[00:05:20] <AlexLehm> the host header is not really necessary for a proxy request i thin

[00:05:22] <AlexLehm> think

[00:08:07] <temporal_> yes it is

[00:08:14] <temporal_> ohterwise it won't be correct

[00:08:24] <temporal_> it's not necessary per se

[00:08:34] <temporal_> but that's what vertx adds under the hood

[00:08:43] <temporal_> and if you don't set it explicitely vertx will set it

[00:09:01] <AlexLehm> yes, but its not evaluated by the proxy and just overwritten

[00:09:40] <AlexLehm> if the host header is localhost, that is ok as well

[00:09:46] <temporal_> ok

[00:09:46] <AlexLehm> the proxy will overwrite that

[00:13:04] <temporal_> thanks I just merged it

[00:14:22] <AlexLehm> thank you

[00:16:44] <AlexLehm> ah sorry, that doesn't build, i think i wrote something wrong with the proxytype link

[00:17:38] <temporal_> ah

[00:17:47] <AlexLehm> did check that before commit the change

[00:17:50] <AlexLehm> didn't

[00:18:27] <AlexLehm> io.vertx.docgen.DocGenException: Could not resolve ProxyType.HTTP

[00:18:55] <temporal_> I'm going to fix it

[00:21:23] <AlexLehm> ah, that probably requires the package name as well

[00:30:45] <temporal_> AlexLehm thanks for the contribs and the chat, I'm going to bed, have a good night

[00:30:55] <AlexLehm> yes, i will do as well

[00:31:03] <AlexLehm> good luck with the new version

[00:31:15] <AlexLehm> good night

[23:46:06] <gemmellr_afk> temporal_: I'm about to push another trivial doc fix, if you could hold a few mins on that repo :)

[23:46:17] <temporal_> ok go on

[23:46:20] <temporal_> I'll overwrite

[23:46:23] <temporal_> ah no

[23:46:24] <temporal_> hum

[23:46:34] <temporal_> if you do that then I have to reup the binaries

[23:46:42] <gemmellr_afk> if youve already done it, it can wait, nothing big

[23:46:51] <temporal_> yes I would prefer you wait

[23:46:55] <gemmellr_afk> missing syntax tags

[23:46:58] <temporal_> unless it's critical and blocking for user

[23:47:01] <gemmellr_afk> for the highlighting

[23:47:06] <gemmellr_afk> no, definitely not

[23:47:14] <gemmellr_afk> i jsut noticed it as i was closing a tab