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[09:54:31] <ovestoerholt> @AlexLehm Do you know Karsten Lehmann that does IBM Domino?

[12:52:12] <msavy> hmm, why did you guys deprecate AsyncResultHandler.

[14:47:19] <temporal_> msavy worse than that, it's gone in 3.4.0

[14:47:29] <temporal_> who really uses it ?

[14:47:34] <msavy> me :)!

[14:47:38] <temporal_> how come :-) ?

[14:49:09] <msavy> just more readable and fewer clicks than Handler<Result<Foo<Bar»

[14:49:42] <msavy> ResultHandler<Foo<Bar»

[14:49:52] <msavy> don't get me wrong, it's not a big deal, but just a small convenience

[14:50:10] <temporal_> it's been removed because it was really useful in vertx 2

[14:50:22] <temporal_> where it was allowing to create anonymous inner classes more easily

[23:26:38] <ghost_x> Hey - I'm trying to implement TCP holepunching, is there a way to set the vertx client to connect from a specific port