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[01:56:33] <jtruelove> any feedback on the latest vertx-opentsdb lib would be great

[15:21:11] <gigo1980_> hi together, is there a roadmap than vertx3 should be released?

[16:02:36] <millrossjez> @gigo1980_

[16:39:30] <D-Spair> g'morning alll…

[16:39:54] <D-Spair> Uhhggg… Feel like I could sleep for 2 days after the conference this week… I'm pooped!

[17:39:45] <temporalfox> D-Spair hi

[18:53:05] <millrossjez> D-Spair, I feel the same way when I go to a conference and I don't even run workshops or speak :)

[19:55:27] <spriet2000> loha!

[20:02:27] <spriet2000> today i created an init version of some webapi / mvc webapp .. i think its getting somewhere!

[20:04:32] <spriet2000> to get an idea whats about you can take a look at

[20:05:43] <spriet2000> i am thinking about content negotiation etc but its currently a work in progress to see if the idea works

[20:06:31] <spriet2000> it was fun!

[20:06:48] <spriet2000> but still a lot to do parameter mapping stuff