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[00:19:30] <D-Spair> Dang, so close!

[00:20:02] <D-Spair> I finally got NetBeans to let me set a breakpoint in a JavaScript file, but it appears that everything inside of a closure is ignored…

[01:35:14] <LouKrazy1> are there any examples of custom codecs for pojos? I am trying to decide how to handle typed messages while still using json as the wire codec so I can go between js and java verticles

[01:35:34] <LouKrazy1> using Jackson to transform JsonObjects maybe?

[01:37:30] <LouKrazy1> or is there some way to make some sort of wrapper around JsonObjects

[09:48:06] <AlexLehm> LouKrazy1, if you are using vert.x 3 you can take a look at @DataObject, in vert.x 2 I am not sure

[19:56:39] <andyhedges> How do I find out what is blocking the event loop in Vertx 3?

[20:16:49] <LouKrazy1> how do I get the verticle configuration in javascript?

[20:31:33] <LouKrazy1> nevermind, figured it out. vertx.getOrCreateContext()

[20:32:28] <AlexLehm> andyhedges, you will get a log message when you are blocking the event loop

[20:39:05] <andyhedges> Yeah, it mentions something in the documentation about a stack trace but I couldn't find a way to enable that. Perhaps a logging option?

[22:10:56] <LouKrazy1> just ran into a strange issue… if I have two javascript verticles both create instances of a MessagePublisher, then both sets of messages end up going to the same address, that of the second instance created

[22:11:13] <LouKrazy1> publisher = vertx.eventBus().publisher(“address1”)

[22:11:25] <LouKrazy1> publisher2 = vertx.eventBus().publisher(“address2”)

[22:11:42] <LouKrazy1> publisher.write(obj) this goes to “address2” [22:14:10] <LouKrazy1> sender not publisher [22:14:54] <LouKrazy1> oh, publisher was right [22:57:35] <AlexLehm> andyhedges, using the default jul logger, I get a stacktrace after 5 seconds