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[12:53:45] <Narigo> purplefox, so… no services, try to use clients again

[12:55:17] <Narigo> (trying to understand the pr for mysql-postgresql :))

[12:58:34] <purplefox> Narigo: there was a discussion about this recently on the google group - yes, it removes the service :)

[12:58:59] <purplefox> it's a bit clunky in mysqlpostgresql - but that's because I had to do it without touching the scala code

[12:59:41] <Narigo> purplefox, is there something I should help with then?

[13:00:00] <Narigo> to make it less clunky? :)

[13:00:22] <purplefox> refactor the scala code to java? ;)

[13:00:47] <purplefox> actually there isn't much scala code in there really, so would be pretty easy i think

[13:02:54] <Narigo> so many renames of SqlConnection to SQLConnection :S

[13:11:54] <Narigo> purplefox, shouldn't ClientHolder set client back to null when closing it? Why is this executeBlocking? Shouldn't the “future.complete()” call be in the client.close(<handler>)-handler?

[13:13:08] <purplefox> yeah, copy and paste error from the jdbc-client… will fix

[13:15:22] <Narigo> I don't really get the concept of the holder and stuff… I guess it would be better if Julien had a look at it, too :)

[13:15:41] <purplefox> this is simply so you can share clients

[13:16:04] <purplefox> so.. if you have a verticle and it create a client, and then you scale your verticle by creating N instances you don't want N pools

[13:16:21] <purplefox> it might be clearer if you read the docs.. there is some information on usage there

[13:17:18] <purplefox> but seriously.. what would really be useful to me would be to convert the scala code to java, then we can just manage the whole thing without having to bug you every time ;)

[13:17:37] <Narigo> I hope I can find the time for that someday :S

[13:19:24] <Narigo> Another thing: lookupClient and getOrCreate in ClientHelper have the same APIs and I don't see the value in having two methods doing the same thing - getOrCreate just forwards to lookupClient method

[13:22:27] <purplefox> Narigo: can you add the comments on the PR? I have to go now

[13:22:45] <Narigo> and purplefox, didn't you say it's a holiday for you today? Shouldn't you have fun today or something? :)

[13:22:52] <Narigo> okay :D

[13:41:03] <gigo1980_> hi together, are there known projects or companiers who are using vertx ?

[14:05:59] <temporal_> gigo1980_ look at the bottom of the page

[14:23:14] <temporal_> purplefox have you had time to look at the verticle factory async resolution change ?

[18:06:30] <Ephemeral> Is there anything on the roadmap for HTTP/2 in vertx?

[18:25:08] <D-Spair> purplefox: I was wondering if either you or Julien had submitted a proposal for JavaONE? If not, any objections to me submitting a proposal to speak about Vert.x 3.x?

[18:36:42] <LouKrazy1> are there any presentations out there for Vert.x 3.x that could be used as the basis for a local JUG presentation, I would like to do one for my local JUG in a few months

[18:39:35] <D-Spair> LouKrazy1:

[18:39:51] <D-Spair> LouKrazy1: That's the example code and speakers notes I used at Code PaLOUsa last week.

[18:40:01] <LouKrazy1> fantastic, thanks!

[18:40:14] <D-Spair> LouKrazy1: That one is geared toward JavaScript though…

[18:40:37] <LouKrazy1> that is fine, I can fill in Java code

[18:41:00] <LouKrazy1> just want to make sure I don't forget to mention cool features that I was not aware of

[18:41:02] <D-Spair> LouKrazy1: Honestly, the Java code is simpler and works better for live coding because of IDE support.

[18:41:52] <D-Spair> LouKrazy1: We could collaborate on the updated presentation and integrate instructions on clustering if you like.

[18:42:25] <LouKrazy1> ok, I will star that repo for now and get back to you when I start putting it together

[18:42:38] <D-Spair> LouKrazy1: Feel free to send me pull requests.

[18:42:46] <LouKrazy1> ok cool

[18:43:15] <D-Spair> LouKrazy1: I kinda glossed over the clustering config because I wanted to demonstrate to the users in the workshop the myriad cluster configuration options available via Hazelcast.

[19:33:13] <AlexLehm> Ephemeral,

[20:14:36] <Ephemeral> ah thanks AlexLehm, must've missed it when its usually written as HTTP/2

[21:43:22] <saltuk> hi the vertx-jdbc-client not exists on maven ?

[22:26:14] <AlexLehm> saltuk, i think it is called vertx-jdbc-service?

[22:28:01] <saltuk> AlexLehm , in pom artifactId is vertx-jdbc-client mmm sorry then

[22:29:20] <AlexLehm> not quite sure actually

[22:29:27] <AlexLehm> a

[22:29:37] <AlexLehm> maybe there are different packages

[22:33:39] <saltuk> ok thanx for info