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[00:00:00] <temporal_> AlexLehm just finished :-)

[00:02:05] <AlexLehm> great

[00:10:28] <AlexLehm> is the signing key for the bintray downloads available somewhere?

[00:54:30] <temporal_> AlexLehm it's my key

[00:54:40] <temporal_> AlexLehm you can get it from

[00:54:51] <temporal_>

[00:55:02] <temporal_> it's the same than Maven artifact signatures

[00:55:54] <temporal_> I believe we should have a “vertx” key for releases though

[04:51:02] <vertxlover> I just downloaded vertx 3 m5 on ubuntu 14.04. I extracted the zip, now what is the next step?

[04:52:12] <vertxlover> next step to install? On the site it says to add it to the path, but that is for Windows, I need install steps for linux

[04:55:10] <vertxlover> is anyone in here?

[06:30:00] <LouKrazy> vertxlover: if you want to run vertx via the command line on Linux you will either need to add the vertx bin directory to your PATH variable, or you will have to specify the whole path to the command… which is a pain.

[06:30:58] <LouKrazy> vertxlover: once you add the vertx bin directory to your PATH you can run the vertx command

[12:30:43] <Laurent> Hi all [12:59:46] <AlexLehm> does freenode have an offline message function? some other irc network has, but didn't find anything on freenode [13:04:40] <AlexLehm> temporal_: thanks, haven't used that service at all until now [13:05:04] <temporal_> AlexLehm do you want an invite ? [13:06:56] <AlexLehm> yes please, actually i think i can name you as reference when signing up [13:08:01] <AlexLehm> ah no, i think i would need an invite code [13:09:00] <AlexLehm> if you could send me an invitation via a pm that would be great [13:11:37] <temporal_> AlexLehm give me your email [13:14:56] <AlexLehm> temporal_: alexlehm at gmail dot com [13:19:16] <temporal_> AlexLehm done [13:19:29] <temporal_> it's quite cool [13:19:52] <temporal_> AlexLehm actually the new http-service-factory supports JSON format for public keys [13:20:11] <temporal_> with some configuration [13:20:24] <temporal_> [13:28:46] <purplefox> AlexLehm: hi alex [13:43:07] <AlexLehm> Hello Tim [13:43:48] <AlexLehm> I have looked at the pr yesterday, I will finish it this evening [13:48:24] <purplefox> AlexLehm: do you think you will finish everything we discussed this evening? [13:52:51] <AlexLehm> i will try to get the things finished over the weekend, maybe except the pipelining support [13:53:03] <AlexLehm> the other things should be no problem [14:07:57] <AlexLehm> i think I will have some time over the weekend (that depends in part on what my gf wants to do) [14:19:01] <AlexLehm> sorry, I meant I will try get the PR merged this evening, I will do the rest of the list over the weekend (if possible) [14:21:07] <purplefox> AlexLehm: what do you mean by “try to get the PR merged?” [14:22:24] <purplefox> AlexLehm: I think we agreed the pipelining support is not until 3.1… [14:22:32] <AlexLehm> i started looking at the pr yesterday evening and have written 2 or 3 comments, i want to finish that and the merge your pr [14:22:42] <purplefox> ah you mean you want to finish reviewing it? [14:22:46] <purplefox> ok fine [14:22:47] <AlexLehm> yes [14:23:20] <AlexLehm> the pr itself should merge without any problem since there are only the changes from julien about ruby [14:23:57] <voidDotClass> is there support for zookeeper now? [14:24:09] <voidDotClass> for clustering? [15:35:28] <gigo1980_> hi, is there any class for logging in vertx ?

[15:43:43] <gigo1980___> ok i found something on io.vertx.core.logging*

[16:51:20] <purplefox> temporal_: hi julien, i just dropped a PR that allows clients and servers to be used from worker contexts

[16:51:41] <temporal_> purplefox hi, I'm quite busy today and it is french holiday :-)

[16:51:52] <temporal_> purplefox I'll have a look later

[16:57:17] <purplefox> temporal_: ah sorry, i forgot ;)

[17:10:36] <purplefox> temporal_: anyway, you are on holiday. What are you doing on IRC? Go out and do something fun! ;)

[17:22:55] <D-Spair> Sweet! Jython 2.7.0-final is released!

[17:48:10] <temporal_> purplefox Ikea furniture building for my daughter all day long :-)

[18:28:54] <D-Spair> I'm kinda glad that the closest Ikea is a drive of many hours to get to…

[18:29:13] <D-Spair> My wife would probably want to refurnish the entire house given the chance…

[23:33:50] <AlexLehm> purplefox, is it correct that the merge request goes from refactoring to wip? shouldn't that be from refactoring to master

[23:37:09] <AlexLehm> or wip should be a new branch from current master?