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[06:40:04] <mmotiwala> hello folks.

[06:40:27] <mmotiwala> Just a quick question, I have been reading up on vertx and wondering if anyone is using vertx with scala

[12:16:22] <Narig0> mmotiwala, i do

[12:16:42] <Narigo> mmotiwala, but vert.x 2 mostly

[17:38:11] <jtruelove> purplefox: you get to take a look at that issue I cut, am i just doing something dumb?

[18:09:21] <purplefox> jtruelove: hi jeremy, sorry haven't had a chance to look at it yet. very snowed under at the moment :(

[18:11:11] <jtruelove> no worries, i just need to get my bouncer setup

[18:11:27] <jtruelove> i have all this missed message anxiety :)

[19:18:46] <AlexLehm> jtruelove, the echelog archive of the channel is quite good for missed messages

[19:22:17] <jtruelove> good point

[20:15:26] <jtruelove> purplefox: i was looking at configuring SSL on an HTTPServer and the docs say that it's the same as net servers but i don't see the option for .setPemKeyCertOptions() on http server and httpserver can't take a NetServerOptions object

[20:17:52] <jtruelove> I also don't see PemKeyCertOptions even in the jar

[20:28:40] <jtruelove> nm i was going off 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT which doesn't appear to milestone 5

[20:29:52] <jtruelove> which resolves these issues PEM issues, i assumed -SNAPSHOT was always latest incorrectly

[20:39:14] <jtruelove> just re-tested the not exiting issue on milestone 5 and it seems fixed there as well

[20:40:56] <jtruelove> so i closed that issue out