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[17:32:38] <spriet2000> hi! is there a way to mock a HttpServerRequest to let the bodyhandler handle a custom buffer?

[17:32:56] <spriet2000> HttpServerRequest request = mock(HttpServerRequest.class);

[17:34:35] <spriet2000> (i want to simulate a post request without making a post using the httpclient)

[17:43:01] <spriet2000> i think its impossible to feed the bodyHandler a buffer stream currently..

[17:45:01] <spriet2000> but it could be helpfull to test parsing bodies..

[17:45:15] <AlexLehm> i have not done much with mocks in vert.x, but it should be possible to use something like mockito

[17:45:38] <spriet2000> yes i currently use it and it works for simple stuff

[17:46:23] <spriet2000> but feeding the bodyhandler a buffer is impossible i think? is the idea bad?

[17:47:18] <spriet2000> i can setup client server with request.. but i always have trouble setting it up .. countdown latches etc..

[17:47:37] <AlexLehm> are you using vert.x 2 or 3

[17:47:40] <spriet2000> 3

[17:48:03] <AlexLehm> if you are using vert.x 3 you might want to check out vertx-unit, that handles the concurrency quite nicely

[17:49:30] <spriet2000> apex is using client server construction

[17:49:44] <spriet2000> i guess its impossible than or stupid idead

[18:00:38] <spriet2000> well.. i can implement a custom httpserverrequest and add somthing to trigger the bodyhandler

[18:00:40] <spriet2000> :>

[18:46:37] <AlexLehm> if HttServerRequest is an interface you should be able to implement that, but you have to inject your class somehow

[20:24:01] <spriet2000> yeps