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[03:18:31] <voidDotClass> do we have http2 support / is it planned? temporal_ purplefox_

[08:29:14] <cescoffier> Just a small notice. The vert.x 3 cartridge for openshift is now fully usable from Metadata url is

[12:54:08] <spriet2000> cool project

[12:56:41] <spriet2000> at work i use await and async keywords

[12:57:02] <spriet2000> those callbacks are mindbending sometimes

[13:03:06] <spriet2000> Arnaud Est[unknown:egrave]ve had a question in that direction

[13:04:46] <spriet2000> although the questioning is complicated the problem he presents is simple

[13:05:50] <spriet2000>!topic/vertx-dev/EK-QN7qF9mU

[13:06:51] <spriet2000> basicly he wants to fire 10 (x) async tasks and wait till the last is done.. and do something else

[13:26:33] <spriet2000> with async and await this is peanuts..

[13:27:12] <spriet2000> will vertx sync provide a same like functionality

[13:27:13] <spriet2000> ?

[18:10:55] <voidDotClass> do we have http2 support / is it planned? purplefox_

[21:29:56] <AlexLehm> voidDotClass, http2 is on the roadmap for 3.1

[21:42:41] <voidDotClass> ty

[21:46:52] <AlexLehm>

[23:15:36] <voidDotClass> AlexLehm, purplefox_ , if i wanted to contribute http2 support, i'd make it implement the same httpserver interface?