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[11:23:49] <dpes> hi all, I want to contribute some docs patches for v3 - where to find docs about updating docs ? :)

[11:26:20] <pmlopes> dpes: I think you need to follow the same procedure as contributing code: since the docs are generated at build time, they are treated as code

[11:28:10] <dpes> i've searched for some string in that repo and didn't found it

[11:28:14] <dpes> “A good example is the JDBC API - it[unknown:rsquo]s inherently asynchronous, and no matter how hard it tries, Vert.x cannot sprinkle magic pixie dust on it to make it asynchronous.”

[11:28:28] <dpes> first should be synchronous I think

[11:28:42] <dpes>

[11:29:50] <andyhedges> purplefox: did you get a chance to look at the pastebin about? If you can confirm if it's desire behaviour or a bug I'll raise a issue if the later.

[11:30:03] <andyhedges> latter*

[11:30:51] <andyhedges> dpes: I've already submitted a bug for that JDBC async thing and I think Tim has fixed it but not deployed the change yet.

[11:31:46] <dpes> andyhedges: ok then

[11:36:41] <andyhedges> lemme just check

[11:40:43] <cescoffier> dpes - yes you are right should be synchronous

[11:50:22] <AlexLehm> dpes, you can build the web page from the repo, that should show if the changes are already included

[11:53:11] <AlexLehm> andyhedges, the change about the blocked thread checker made it into the core project finally

[11:59:47] <dpes> AlexLehm: thx, i'm not from java world… so stupid queestion: is there a doc about building project? i've listed wiki and docs…

[12:00:11] <dpes> “maven build” ?

[12:01:49] <AlexLehm>

[12:01:54] <AlexLehm> basicall its mvn site

[12:02:42] <dpes> oh, thx

[12:04:34] <AlexLehm> the currently build site may be visible on the jenkins though

[12:04:41] <AlexLehm> maybe thats easier to check the state

[12:07:12] <AlexLehm> ah yes,

[12:11:23] <dpes> cool…

[12:11:31] <dpes> but's i've almost build it localy…

[12:11:41] <dpes> almost because it needs maven >= 3.1

[12:11:46] <dpes> i have 3.0.5

[12:11:54] <dpes> Failed to execute goal com.github.eirslett:frontend-maven-plugin:0.0.23:install-node-and-npm (install node and npm) on project vertx-web-site: The plugin com.github.eirslett:frontend-maven-plugin:0.0.23 requires Maven version 3.1.0 → [Help 1]

[12:12:18] <dpes> install node and npm… <wow> it's everywhere ;)

[12:14:44] <AlexLehm> the site generater is npm-based

[12:15:09] <AlexLehm>

[12:19:42] <andyhedges> dpes: yup

[12:21:34] <dpes> andyhedges: i know… I've asked not only about this thing… i think i will be using vertx for some long distance project so i will be using docs a lot and want to know how to contribute things like that

[12:21:46] <andyhedges> Fair enough :)

[12:21:48] <dpes> now i know

[12:22:19] <andyhedges> AlexLehm: awesome, is it in the snapshot yet do you know?

[12:23:04] <AlexLehm> i think the snapshot is build on the jenkins, so it should be in the snapshot

[12:23:57] <andyhedges> Will take a look tonight, thanks

[12:23:57] <dpes> btw v3 is using nashorn js engine?

[12:24:50] <AlexLehm> yes

[12:26:05] <dpes> great

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[15:27:36] <AlexLehm> can i merge commits with comment changes only directly or should i a pr for that

[18:12:40] <AlexLehm> purplefox, can i merge commits with comment changes only directly or should i a do pr for that

[21:13:59] <Terabyte> hey

[21:14:44] <Terabyte> suppose you've written a web app in vertx, request comes in, you put an event to the event bus saying “take this action”, the action requires a response. how does vertx correlate a response back to the original request and send the response back to the user?

[22:29:17] <AlexLehm> Terabyte, you have to send the response back to the user in the handler that receives the response from the bus

[22:30:12] <AlexLehm> the handler has the objects of the user request/response in its method body available

[23:31:02] <Terabyte> AlexLehm thanks, still not clear though, how the result of some async operation happening over a bus can be matched up with the request that triggered it..

[23:31:54] <Terabyte> does the eventbus just 'handle' that?

[23:37:17] <AlexLehm> i assume the event bus has some kind of request id that is returned in the response

[23:37:29] <Terabyte> ok