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[04:38:35] <Jin> .

[04:39:09] <Jin> hi

[08:41:28] <quazimodo> hullo

[08:46:59] <cescoffier> purplefox pmlopes temporalfox : Hi guys, I've fixed the web site build on cloudbees. It was not building the right branch. Looks like metrics and RX has reproducible test failures.

[08:47:23] <temporalfox> cescoffier good, I will investigate these :-)

[08:47:40] <cescoffier> temporalfox Plane is made for that right ?

[08:47:53] <temporalfox> plane is at 7pm

[08:48:38] <cescoffier> oh plenty of time :-)

[08:48:49] <temporalfox> these errors are reproducible locally ?

[08:49:04] <cescoffier> I've seen one on my machine, so I would say yes

[08:49:16] <cescoffier> the RX one seems to be a timing issue

[08:49:22] <cescoffier> (unfortunately it's in the TCK)

[08:50:05] <cescoffier> BTW, yesterday I've made a full build of the aggregator from an empty maven repository

[08:50:48] <temporalfox> ah you mean reactive-streams

[08:51:00] <cescoffier> hum yes sorry reactive streams

[08:51:00] <temporalfox> and not vertx-rx

[08:51:04] <temporalfox> not the same :-)

[08:53:36] <cescoffier> and ovbiously, I can't reproduce them on my machine right now (both succeed)

[08:54:10] <temporalfox> can you show me the metrics failure ?

[08:54:36] <cescoffier> ok commuting, back online in 15 minutes

[08:54:47] <temporalfox> sure

[08:55:13] <cescoffier>

[09:12:45] <temporalfox> ok I see

[09:12:47] <temporalfox> /i/am/not/here/missingfile.json (No such file or directory)

[09:12:47] <temporalfox> at Method)

[09:12:47] <temporalfox> at

[09:12:47] <temporalfox> at<init>(

[09:12:47] <temporalfox> at java.util.Scanner.<init>(

[09:12:47] <temporalfox> at io.vertx.ext.dropwizard.impl.VertxMetricsFactoryImpl.loadOptionsFile(

[09:12:47] <temporalfox> at io.vertx.ext.dropwizard.impl.VertxMetricsFactoryImpl.metrics(

[09:12:48] <temporalfox> at io.vertx.ext.dropwizard.impl.VertxMetricFactoryImplTest.testLoadingWithMissingFile(

[09:13:01] <temporalfox> the test must somehow be OS dependant

[09:13:13] <temporalfox> usually when it works on OSX and not on jenkins

[09:13:18] <temporalfox> it can be a case problem

[09:13:33] <temporalfox> well this file is supposed not to exist

[09:13:44] <temporalfox> perhaps the reason is that the failure is not the same in this os

[09:16:04] <temporalfox> ah actually it's another test

[12:34:02] <pmlopes> purplefox there was a bug report about integrating stormpath with shiro that uncovered a couple of bugs with the shiro implementation, I've a PR ready for review that demonstrates that we can now work with shiro and that plugins should also work

[14:49:25] <cescoffier> pmlopes are you around ?

[14:49:32] <pmlopes> yes

[14:49:44] <cescoffier> I've a couple of questions for you

[14:50:02] <cescoffier> I'm trying to provide as an example a custom implementation of cluster manager

[14:50:09] <cescoffier> I was thinking about using redis

[14:50:25] <cescoffier> do you think it would work (we don't need something bullet proof)

[14:51:13] <pmlopes> you mean using the pub-sub mode?

[14:51:32] <cescoffier> I will definitely need this

[14:51:39] <cescoffier> to listen node arrival and departure

[14:51:53] <cescoffier> I also need a way to register the current instance in the “cluster”

[14:52:01] <pmlopes> i think it can work but i'm not familiar with the cluster API

[14:52:08] <cescoffier> was thinking mapping this to a simple entry addition to a list

[14:54:41] <cescoffier> ok, well, gonna try will tell you

[14:55:35] <pmlopes> ok, i am looking at a bug on jdbc client

[14:56:41] <pmlopes> all tests here implemented using h2/hypersonic however other DBs like Oracle/Postgres/Derby use more types that h2 such as BigDecimal, RowId etc and all those types are not handled when converting to JSON

[14:57:17] <pmlopes> in Derby/Oracle you can reproduce it just by inserting an autoincrement row, since it returns a BigDecimal for whatever reason

[14:57:25] <pmlopes> even if you declare the column as INT

[15:00:59] <LaSombra> Hi aesteve

[15:01:38] <LaSombra> aesteve: I started investigating that bug and it seems it would require a change on Codegen, which I'm looking into

[15:54:13] <Jotschi> Hi

[17:21:52] <Jotschi> The AuthService is completely gone in M6?