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[00:58:41] <jtruelove> anyone around? what happens if you add a bodyHandler on request after the body has been fully received?

[00:58:47] <jtruelove> in vertx2

[01:00:40] <jtruelove> so say i do something first like check an auth token then based on the success of that add a body handler

[01:00:49] <jtruelove> is it possible that bodyhandler never gets called?

[13:23:03] <AlexLehm> purplefox: I wanted to ask you about the idle timeout ticket, I would like to keep that in unless you think it is not useful

[17:48:56] <jtruelove> purplefox: if the body comes in before you add a bodyHandler on a HttpServerRequest, can you not get that body at that point?

[22:39:53] <zerkz> purplefox, did you figure it out?

[22:40:47] <zerkz> Has anyone had success using to edit the logging level of loggers produced by Vertx's LoggingFactory?