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[00:55:39] <bytor99999> Good to be in IRC to see we can cheat time and get the release version into our poms without waiting for the announcement. Congrats to everyone.

[00:58:14] <bytor99999> Yep, just pulled them down into our project. WOOHOO!

[09:42:32] <purplefox_> cescoffier: temporalfox pmlopes morning folks

[09:42:42] <temporalfox> purplefox_ hi

[09:43:03] <pmlopes> good morning

[09:43:17] <cescoffier> good morning !

[09:44:53] <purplefox_> ok so are we all set?

[09:44:56] <purplefox_> did everything upload ok?

[09:45:06] <purplefox_> e.g. docker

[09:45:42] <cescoffier> docker images are published

[09:45:48] <temporalfox> uploaded on bintray but not published

[09:46:56] <cescoffier> (

[09:47:24] <purplefox_> temporalfox: ok, so let's put the download links live on bintray

[09:47:24] <temporalfox> ok

[09:47:25] <purplefox_> and I will push the web site

[09:49:25] <temporalfox>

[09:51:47] <purplefox_> tried to rebuild the contributors list and got this:

[09:51:48] <purplefox_> events.js:72

[09:51:48] <purplefox_> throw er; Unhandled 'error' event [09:51:48] <purplefox_> ^ [09:51:48] <purplefox_> Error: {“message”:“API rate limit exceeded for (But here's the good news: Authenticated requests get a higher rate limit. Check out the documentation for more details.)”,“documentation_url”:“”} [09:52:37] <purplefox_> so I'm going to have to hack this to use authentication or we won't have a contributors list :( [09:52:51] <purplefox_> [09:53:04] <cescoffier> purplefox_: already got this, you will have to really hack and not pushed [09:53:16] <cescoffier> because if you push the auth token they detect it and cancel it [09:53:20] <purplefox_> how did you solve it? [09:53:38] <cescoffier> by storing the token in an unpushed file [09:54:50] <purplefox_> can you be more specific? [09:55:16] <cescoffier> you need an auth token that you can generate from github (gonna have a look) [09:55:37] <cescoffier> once you have this token you need to had it as a HTTP header in the github API request [09:56:08] <cescoffier> not even sure this is possible with the current web site [09:57:34] <purplefox_> damned, I'd wish we'd known about this not just in the 5 mins before pushing the new website ;) [09:57:53] <purplefox_> I think I will just have to revert to the previous contributor list and we can figure this out later [09:58:25] <cescoffier> ok try one thing [09:58:26] <cescoffier> github.authenticate({ [09:58:26] <cescoffier> type: “basic”, [09:58:27] <cescoffier> username: username, [09:58:28] <cescoffier> password: password [09:58:29] <cescoffier> }); [09:58:41] <cescoffier> in update-contributer.js [10:00:00] <purplefox_> at the top? [10:01:02] <purplefox_> in the exports i guess [10:01:27] <cescoffier> I would say just after the export [10:01:37] <cescoffier> (notice you need to bump vert.x versions in the pom file) [10:01:56] <cescoffier> (just in case) [10:03:17] <purplefox_> i've put it just after the creation of the github object [10:03:40] <purplefox_> there's actually some code already in there: [10:03:41] <purplefox_> if (client_id && client_secret) { [10:03:42] <purplefox_> github.authenticate({ [10:03:42] <purplefox_> type: “oauth”, [10:03:42] <purplefox_> key: client_id, [10:03:42] <purplefox_> secret: client_secret [10:03:43] <purplefox_> }); [10:03:45] <purplefox_> } [10:03:55] <purplefox_> but that's not being used [10:05:07] <cescoffier> so there is a way to pass the client id and secret but how [10:06:38] <cescoffier> he he it's written in the readme file [10:07:02] <cescoffier> The task creates a lot of requests against the GitHub API. GitHub limits [10:07:02] <cescoffier> the number of requests for anonymous clients. In order to increase the limit [10:07:02] <cescoffier> you need a client ID and secret. Go to <> [10:07:02] <cescoffier> and register a new application. Then edit `github.json` and enter your client ID [10:07:02] <cescoffier> and secret. [10:07:20] <cescoffier> (we should not only write README but also read them) [10:07:42] <purplefox_> lol [10:16:01] <purplefox_> cescoffier: pmlopes temporal_ it's live [10:16:16] <temporal_> nice ^^ [10:16:20] <purplefox_> could you have a quick click around and check for broken links? [10:16:21] <pmlopes> yay [10:17:15] <purplefox_> ok, gimme 10 mins then i'll do the announcment [10:24:18] <purplefox_> small typo towards the top of the Vert.x-Web Java manual: [10:24:30] <purplefox_> “VVert.x-Web builds on Vert.x core to provide a richer set of functionality for building real web applications, more easily.” [10:31:51] <cescoffier> the paradigma url is broken in the “who's is using vert.x” page [10:33:28] <cescoffier> ah ah found a funny one for temporal_ [10:33:41] <cescoffier> is gone :-) [10:33:46] <temporal_> yes I know [10:34:23] <temporal_> thanks to the wonderful community support of MVEL, I'm pretty sure someone will take care of migrating it to some webserver [10:34:54] <cescoffier> that's being very optimistic [10:35:50] <purplefox_> cescoffier: pmlopes temporal_ announcement is out on google group and twitter please retweet :) [10:36:15] <temporal_> +1 [10:38:07] <purplefox_> hope you like the release announcement ;) [10:39:37] <temporal_> very nice :) [10:39:52] <temporal_> you made my day [10:40:31] <purplefox_> hey, it's all true :) [10:41:11] <purplefox_> temporal_: pmlopes cescoffier can someone post a link to reddit + hackernews? [10:41:24] <purplefox_> and anywhere else you think is good [10:41:30] <purplefox_> i'll do dzone [10:43:16] <cescoffier> I do reddit [10:46:10] <pmlopes> i just sent to reddit sorry [10:46:17] <pmlopes> to /r/java [10:47:17] <cescoffier> oups, double [10:48:07] <pmlopes> what do you think of also announcing on dailyjs? they have a place to announce open source projects that are related to javascript, we could spread the word there and see if we gain some people from the nodejs side. The dailyjs is not a nodejs site but a javascript site so they should accept the link i think [10:48:40] <cescoffier> yes, that would be good [10:48:50] <pmlopes> ok i will do that one [10:52:12] <cescoffier> who is dealing with hackernews ? [10:54:40] <cescoffier> ok, so doing it [10:57:39] <pmlopes> dailyjs is submitted (need to wait for manual approval) [11:09:41] <LaSombra_> Congrats purplefox_, temporal_, cescoffier and pmlopes for Vert.x 3 release [11:09:56] <pmlopes> thanks! [11:10:12] <cescoffier> thanks [11:12:02] <temporal_> thanks [11:14:18] <aesteve> congrats everyone :) [11:15:48] <LaSombra> aesteve: I was to say that as well but my connection isn't that stable :/ [11:15:58] <LaSombra> So, what aesteve says, congrats everyone :) [11:18:07] <purplefox_> cescoffier: temporal_ pmlopes ok i folks i think we are done. go and relax :) [11:21:24] <aesteve> cescoffier temporal_ I've written a small article in French here it's in beta for now [11:21:52] <aesteve> if you want to give it a look feel free [11:21:57] <temporal_> sure [11:22:01] <temporal_> can we comment inline ? [11:22:20] <cescoffier> “Pour les cousins germains que sont Scala, Python, Clojure, Ceylon, [unknown:hellip] Il faudra attendre la version 3.1 de Vert.x.” :-) [11:22:48] <aesteve> I don't think so but since it's markdown I guess I could put it somewhere on GitHub [11:23:07] <cescoffier> aesteve:gonna have a deeper look this afternoon, looks good so far [11:23:12] <aesteve> well it's some kind of flavored markdown [11:25:55] <aesteve> OK, done : [11:26:11] <purplefox_> cescoffier: temporal_ pmlopes one think i just noticed, I just upped the dependencies of the website to the 3.0.0 version [11:26:22] <purplefox_> and tried to build and get: [11:26:32] <purplefox_> [INFO] ———————————————————————— [11:26:32] <purplefox_> [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project vertx-web-site: Could not resolve dependencies for project io.vertx:vertx-web-site:jar:3.0.0: The following artifacts could not be resolved: io.vertx:vertx-core:zip:docs:3.0.0, io.vertx:vertx-lang-groovy:zip:docs:3.0.0, io.vertx:vertx-lang-js:zip:docs:3.0.0: Could not find artifact io.vertx:vertx-core:zip:docs:3.0.0 in sonatype-oss-snapshots ( [11:26:32] <purplefox_> ots) → [Help 1] [11:26:40] <purplefox_> so maybe the doc zips haven't been pushed to maven? [11:27:47] <pmlopes> but the error message seems to be trying to download from the snapshots, not from the release reppo [11:29:44] <purplefox_> i think maybe that's just because it's the last repo it tried? [11:30:07] <purplefox_> i searched for “sonatype” in the project and it doesn't bring up anything relevant, so i don't think it's hardcoded in there [11:30:09] <pmlopes> i am looking at the maven repo and the docs zip files are there, i can download them and open the zip files without errors [11:30:52] <purplefox_> ok i can see the docs zip has not been pushed, it's not here: [11:30:52] <purplefox_> [11:31:24] <purplefox_> it's not a huge issue for now as the current site is built with the last docs snapshot which is basically the same as 3.0 anyway [11:36:18] <pmlopes> ? isn't that the file you're looking for? it is the 1st on my list [11:48:20] <cescoffier> purplefox_: let me try [11:55:23] <cescoffier> purplefox_: worked for me from an empty maven repository [11:56:46] <cescoffier> so what may have happened is a broken artifact in your m2 repo [11:57:16] <cescoffier> if you tried to built it yesterday while it was not already on maven central, maven won't retry until it is forced [11:57:20] <cescoffier> (-U) [12:29:01] <purplefox_> cescoffier: yes, you're right, i must be blind ;) [12:29:12] <purplefox_> it's ok now, i have pushed with the 3.0.0 version of the docs [12:30:09] <purplefox_> cescoffier: temporal_ pmlopes: also, if you want to correct typos on the website before we do the next release i think it's ok to do this directly in [12:53:15] <cescoffier> purplefox_: Ok, but we should be sure to fix them in the web site project too [12:53:21] <purplefox_> yes [12:54:01] <cescoffier> will do a couple of edits this afternoon (found a couple of minor issues) [12:55:28] <cescoffier> but to keep things simple, let's open issue on the web-site project [12:55:55] <cescoffier> (anyway, there is no issue tracker on [13:31:56] <cescoffier> wow… something went wrong [13:32:03] <cescoffier> all groovy docs are empty [13:33:31] <pmlopes> all docs are pointing at localhost:4000 [13:33:53] <pmlopes> groovy, javascript, ruby, except java [13:34:33] <pmlopes> this is only affecting the “core” docs, the others seem to be fine… [14:28:03] <cescoffier> pmlopes : I've fixed that [14:28:17] <cescoffier> (my fault, I've generated the page using gulp and copy paste) [14:28:45] <cescoffier> But fixed it immediately after my push [15:45:08] <jstrachan> any idea how to run the metrics example? I dont' see a main in there; there's no fat jar and not sure what to type after 'vertx run' … ;) I'll happily hack a if someone can tell me the magic to run it ;) [15:47:24] <aesteve> what have you tried jstrachan ? [15:47:31] <aesteve> looks like there is a main method [15:47:51] <jstrachan> aesteve random things so far ;) [15:47:51] <jstrachan> aha [15:49:05] <jstrachan> tried vertx run metrics-examples/src/main/java/Dashboard; vertx run io.vertx.example.metrics.dashboard.Dashboard [15:49:22] <jstrachan> vertx run [15:52:15] <aesteve> vertx run metrics-examples/src/main/java/io/vertx/example/metrics/dashboard/Dashboard ? [15:52:22] <jstrachan> aha! vertx run io.vertx.example.metrics.dashboard.Dashboard -cp target/metrics-examples-3.0.0.jar [15:52:39] <aesteve> ok glad you found it :) [15:52:46] <jstrachan> aesteve that one doesn't work either - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: metrics-examples/src/main/java/io/vertx/example/metrics/dashboard/Dashboard [15:53:10] <aesteve> I tried to guess from : [15:53:16] <aesteve> but shouldn't have ;) [15:53:43] <jstrachan> np ;) [15:55:01] <jstrachan> aesteve any idea what URL now :) - http://localhost:8080/ returns Not Found [15:57:23] <aesteve> [15:57:35] <aesteve> so http://localhost:8080/index.html probably [15:58:25] <jstrachan> nope - I guess thats not the right way to start it ;) never mind [16:02:44] <cristianmiranda> Hi guys, I have an app using vert.x 2.1.5 and I want to upgrade to 3.0.0 but can't find a replacement for RouteMatcher (I use it all over the place). I've found io.vertx.vertx-routematcher but not sure how to pass that to the httpServer. Any help is very appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work :D [16:03:51] <aesteve> take a look at vertx-web, you'll have a fantastic Router with regex matching and a ton of other useful things :) [16:04:54] <temporal_> jstrachan there is some work done to integrate vertx 3 metrics with hawkular metrics : [16:16:56] <jstrachan> aesteve note to self - just run the examples in your IDEA via the main [16:18:07] <aesteve> yes that's why I highlighted the main method, I always do that when working witht the examples. Especially since you often need to set breakpoints and stuff :) [17:00:05] <aesteve> purplefox_: once you have some free time feel free to contact me for the Server-Sent-Events implementation [17:04:18] <diega> hi channel, does somebody know any object caching system which will work well in our ideal async world? I've been looking Hazelcast but its MapStore interface is synchronous :( [17:08:23] <aesteve> I know vertx provides LocalMap and ClusteredMap not sure if it's a good pick or not in your case though :( maybe you could give it a try ? [17:12:06] <diega> aesteve, yes, but I would need to implement my own cache replacement strategy and so on… also I would need persistent storage which will also imply to implement write-through mechanisms… I think Infinispan could be a nice fit [17:12:20] <cristianmiranda> Thanks! :) [17:13:46] <aesteve> looks like a good pick indeed :) I can't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to use together with Vert.x especially since it's non-blocking [17:54:31] <temporal_> do we have a pure SockJS example ? [17:59:58] <cescoffier> pure ? without the eventbus client ? [18:09:03] <temporal_> yes [18:09:15] <temporal_> I'm trying to use it [18:09:18] <temporal_> the example say to use the router bound on “/foo” for instance [18:09:30] <temporal_> but when my sockjs client wants to get info like “/foo/info” [18:09:34] <temporal_> it's not routed [18:09:38] <aesteve> that's /foo/* [18:09:44] <temporal_> I mean not the example, I mean the doc [18:09:49] <temporal_> so the doc is wrong I think [18:09:56] <aesteve> I've faced that thing soooooooooo many times [18:09:57] <temporal_> would you mind to take a look at it and confirm aesteve ? [18:10:20] <aesteve> can you point me ? [18:10:24] <temporal_> [18:10:28] <aesteve> (I'm sure it's /foo/*) [18:10:30] <temporal_> search sockjs [18:10:33] <temporal_> I'm going to try [18:10:49] <aesteve> yes the doc is misleading [18:11:20] <temporal_> yeah now it works :-) [18:11:48] <aesteve> I've spent 2 hours one day on this stuff figuring out why my old app wasn't working after a SNAPSHOT update [18:12:43] <temporal_> just migrated my toy termd to vertx 3 [18:12:45] <temporal_> [18:13:31] <cescoffier> cool temporal_ [18:13:51] <cescoffier> temporal_: do you know if I can enable the metrics from the vert.x command line ? [18:14:04] <aesteve> temporal_:if you want to convince yourself : [18:14:09] <temporal_> cescoffier I think yes now [18:14:27] <cescoffier> looks like I forgot to document this ;-) [18:14:53] <temporal_> the CLI transmit some system propertyes to Vertx metrics options [18:14:55] <temporal_> like clustering [18:15:30] <temporal_> “vertx.metrics.options.” [18:15:36] <temporal_> are transmitted [18:15:54] <temporal_> so you set them using “VERTX_OPTS” I think [18:16:39] <temporal_> so you need at least I think vertx.metrics.options.enabled=true [18:16:48] <cescoffier> found it in the Starter code [18:17:25] <temporal_> then there is an option in Dropwizard that allows to reconfigure from a file [18:22:21] <bytor99999> Congrats again on the release this morning. [18:25:59] <temporal_> thanks bytor99999 :-) [18:38:18] <temporal_> aesteve [18:39:13] <aesteve> thanks temporal_ [18:39:26] <aesteve> I mentionned it on the Google Group once but can't find wher [18:39:36] <aesteve> I might have dreamt it… as usual [18:48:55] <bytor99999> So purplefox is out on his interview trail??? :D [19:03:56] <aesteve> cescoffier: I was wondering somthing about docker. By default, without specifying anything, how many CPU cores you got in regard of the underlying physical machine ? [19:04:01] <aesteve> the same ? [19:17:40] <cristianmiranda> Hi guys, does vert.x explicitly require Java 8? [19:17:57] <aesteve> Vertx 3 yes. [19:18:42] <cristianmiranda> Ok, I'm having some issues going from 2.1.5 to 3.0.0. Specifically with the maven-plugin execution block (pullInDeps)… I've commented that out, is that ok? [19:19:36] <aesteve> I'm not a Maven expert and didn't use it in Vert.x 2. I always used Gradle [19:20:25] <aesteve> but have you tried the maven-simplest from the examples repo ? [19:35:09] <bytor99999> cristianmiranda. I am also in the same process, and I think there is a bit more then just that that you need to change. But you definitely can remove pullInDeps. As you will now be creating a fatjar, imo. [19:36:05] <bytor99999> I also used maven-simplest to get the Shade plugin stuff for creating the fatjar. [19:39:36] <zerkz> Does anyone know if I can change the HttpClientOptions (specifically the SSL trust options) after I've already created the client using vertx.createHttpClient()? [19:41:35] <bytor99999> cristianmiranda. You still there? I have a document that I have been putting together for a blog post later. I can send it to you. It has a bunch of notes on changes I had to make to make the migration to 3.0 [19:41:38] <cristianmiranda> client.setPort(443); [19:41:39] <cristianmiranda> client.setSSL(true); [19:41:49] <cristianmiranda> bytor99999: thanks! [19:42:00] <bytor99999> Where can I send you a copy? [19:42:22] <cristianmiranda> bytor99999: can you upload it to drive or something ang share a link here? [19:42:28] <bytor99999> OK [19:42:55] <cristianmiranda> bytor99999: thanks! [19:43:31] <bytor99999> [19:44:43] <cristianmiranda> bytor99999: This document is great! :D I'll spend some time looking at it and will see how it can help. [19:44:51] <bytor99999> I tried to be generic and not specific, but there are a couple that are specific in our project that you might not need. [19:45:18] <cristianmiranda> bytor99999: quick question though.. I'm getting this: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: io/vertx/core/AbstractVerticle : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 [19:45:29] <cristianmiranda> bytor99999: but I'm already compiling things with 1.8 [19:46:05] <bytor99999> What OS are you using? [19:48:21] <cristianmiranda> OS X [19:50:08] <bytor99999> OK, yeah Mac is fun to get upgraded to Java 8. Do you see Java 8 showing up in java -version and javac -version [19:50:27] <bytor99999> I also recommend using jenv. Which allows you to go between different Java versions simply. [19:51:12] <cescoffier> aesteve - about docker, I think you get only one [19:51:29] <cescoffier> I've to check, because I'm one mac and I've boot2docker in the way [19:53:20] <cescoffier> but again it is not real - you can configure the amount of the host CPU you need (ratio) [19:54:14] <cescoffier> cristianmiranda: which version of mac os x do you use ? [19:54:37] <cristianmiranda> cescoffier: Yosemite [19:55:12] <cescoffier> so just download java 8 from [19:55:32] <cescoffier> then set JAVA_HOME to /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_45.jdk/Contents/Home [19:59:09] <cescoffier> aesteve: Nope it see the number of CPU of the host [20:17:41] <cristianmiranda> cescoffier: Yeah, Now I get this: error: static interface method invocations are not supported in -source 1.7 (and java -version throws 1.8) [20:38:46] <cristianmiranda> Got it working, used jenv as bytor99999 suggested. Thanks! :D [20:39:17] <bytor99999> Yeah, once i got it working myself I thought it was a great cool tool to be able to switch between Java versions. [20:42:56] <zerkz> Does anyone know if I can change the HttpClientOptions (specifically the SSL trust options) after I've already created the client using vertx.createHttpClient()? note that this is after creation of the client. [20:44:06] <andyhedges> Congrats on your release everyone :) [20:44:56] <bytor99999> zerkz: Didn't someone already answer that question for you? [20:45:18] <zerkz> unfortunately no, sorry, i forgot to reply in a timely fashion [20:45:41] <bytor99999> client.setPort(443); [20:45:41] <bytor99999> client.setSSL(true); [20:45:41] <bytor99999> Doesn[unknown:rsquo]t work for you? [20:46:04] <bytor99999> I guess those aren't the options, just turning it on and off I guess. [20:46:06] <zerkz> HttpClient doesn't have methods such as .setPort and .setSSL [20:47:32] <bytor99999> And I am guessing that the options() method on it are for the RequestType not the client options. [20:47:50] <zerkz> yeah, i believe so [20:48:58] <bytor99999> Could you just create a new other HttpClient when you need to send different options. Maybe close the other one first, or some hack like that? ;) [20:49:38] <zerkz> that might be the only way [20:54:10] <zerkz> im creating an SSL proxy, and i need to create dynamic certs, so being able to add cert values to the HttpClient on each request is my goal, but we shall see. [20:56:45] <AlexLehm> zerkz, I think the options in HttpClientImpl are stored in a private, so that cannot be changed, you have to create a new client for a new ssl store [20:57:04] <zerkz> alright, thanks, you saved me some time of code combing [20:57:25] <zerkz> I assume those options were cloned from the original object passed in [20:57:27] <zerkz> ill check [20:58:12] <AlexLehm> yes, the HttpOptions object is created new and stored in a private final variable [20:58:21] <zerkz> ahh alright, new client it is! [20:58:30] <AlexLehm> [21:22:08] <bytor99999> I am using JUnit with Groovy and Vert.x 3.0. I converted old testtools JUnit test classes, sort of. Changing some code to try and make it work. I think I now have a snag where my Verticle isn't deployed before the tests run and therefore sending stuff on the eventBus has no handlers registered yet. Async for the win. [21:22:31] <bytor99999> I think there was a startTests(0 or some other method in testtools that I now need the equivalent of. [21:26:01] <bytor99999> Any suggestions. Oh lunch time, be back later. So you know if I don't respond right away. [21:27:37] <AlexLehm> are you using vertx-unit now or are you using the TestVericle methods? [21:31:39] <AlexLehm> VertxTestBase I mean [21:53:27] <diega_> now that v3 is final, is the idea to change experimental projects like vertx-rabbitmq-client to depend on 3.0.0? Or would you like to have them against SNAPSHOTs until release? [22:07:20] <cristianmiranda> Hi guys, I'm not being able to send messages though the eventBus inside a Route handler. Any ideas? (using v3 btw) [22:20:28] <bytor99999> Alex. I am using Vert.x 3 So you can't use testtools with it because testtools uses Vert.x 2.x classes. And you can't have both. ;) [22:20:55] <bytor99999> So our only option it to figure out how to convert already existing JUnit test classes that were in Vert.x 2 classes to vertx-unit. [22:21:19] <AlexLehm> there are some classes available in vert.x 3 that are similar to the testtools in 2.x [22:21:39] <AlexLehm> at least I am using/have used some [22:26:43] <AlexLehm> using this dependency: [22:28:02] <AlexLehm> I am using vertx-unit for the most part though, that is pretty good for async testing [22:28:41] <bytor99999> Hmm, Yeah I didn't have a VertxTestBase in my classpath. Which package has that? [22:33:12] <AlexLehm> its in the test-jar of vertx-core [22:33:26] <AlexLehm> io.vertx.test.core.VertxTestBase [22:35:13] <cristianmiranda> guys, sorry to interrupt. Any of you know why can't I use vertx.getEventBus().publish() inside a Router handler? [22:35:25] <cristianmiranda> The consume never gets called [22:37:21] <AlexLehm> wrong context? I have almost no idea how the eventbus works [22:39:31] <cristianmiranda> Not sure, I'm doing the same thing I was doing with v2.1.5 but now it just doesn't work [22:45:31] <AlexLehm> if the same call works when running it in a unit test or similar I am not sure [22:47:47] <bytor99999> I wish I had known about VertxTestBase. And that TestVerticle is also in the test-jar. I would have saved the days of work I just did to convert my Test classes, when all along those classes did still exist that I had used before, Including asserts with the message String as the first parameter. :D [22:59:07] <AlexLehm> I recommend using vertx-unit though, for the async stuff its great [22:59:55] <bytor99999> The problem Alex, is I have so much integration test code that literally has to be re-written from scratch if I do. Based on the time I have already spent trying to move them to JUnit with vertx-unit [23:00:27] <bytor99999> I tried to make it vertx-unit, but it doesn't work, too much to change and playing blind while making those changes. [23:00:55] <bytor99999> I have an example posted in the Google group to get an idea of the extent of our already written tests that no longer work. ;) [23:02:05] <bytor99999> But I also don't think VertxTestBase is a solution. It seems that class is a base class for the tests to test Vert.x not to test a Vert.x application. I know it could be pushed into the round hole to make is so, but there has to be an easy way to upgrade already existing Integration tests. [23:03:51] <bytor99999> TestVerticle doesn't look like it either. Looks like I am looking at Vert.x test classes rather than classes to use to write your tests to test your Application. [23:18:56] <cristianmiranda> Ok, now I can't even communicate two different verticles with the event bus. Not sure what's going on. [23:19:59] <cristianmiranda> It works within the same verticle [23:29:35] <jeremy_p_> can you share the smallest code which demonstrates the problem on github please? and put your message on google groups so everyone will see it [23:38:34] <cristianmiranda> Will do that. Thanks!