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[11:40:36] <penthief> vertx 3 clustering is not working for me using the default HazelcastClusterManager on a Mac. Each instance stays in its own cluster. I notice Hazelcast's MulticastJoinTest.test() fails with the same behaviour. I realise I ought to think about asking hazelcast, but I though I would try asking for suggestions here, as it is the default ClusterManager.

[11:40:55] <penthief> thought*

[11:54:43] <temporal_> penthief check mulistcast is working, for instance on mac I do have similar issues with clustering if my VPN is running

[11:56:32] <penthief> I can send and recieve multicast using python.

[11:59:17] <penthief> At least, I threw this together from some code samples

[12:04:51] <penthief> Hmmm. I just found out the test passes from the command line with “mvn -am -pl hazelcast verify” but still fails from IDEA. is the output from running the test in IDEA.

[12:32:11] <Narigo> Hey, why isn't the topic something like “Vert.x 3.0 Release Party!” ?! :O

[12:33:34] <Narigo> Or did I miss it already? :(

[13:30:31] <purplefox_> penthief: take a look at the trouble shooting clustering section of the docs

[13:42:29] <penthief> Will do