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[04:40:59] <Jac_> The only vertx live coding session or tutorial I can find is in Korean?

[08:48:56] <Huntter> Hi, anybody here?

[08:56:08] <Huntter> I'm trying make a POST to vertx but I cannot get the request body by ctx.getBodyAsJson(); need other configure for vertx-3?

[09:51:17] <purplefox> Huntter: do you have an example?

[12:48:11] <AlexLehm> I have created a new PR for the idletimeout remove that I forgot before 3.0.0

[23:17:41] <NeuwDk> Hey. I'm trying to use Vert.x-web and I've written some code, but when I request / I get “Internal Server Error” and the console is filled with a lot of stuff but mainly some errors in netty. Is there anyone who has an idea what is happening?

[23:19:57] <NeuwDk> The Route is set up so a Proc is calling a method, and passing RouteContext to that method, and that then executes for the template engine to handle the request