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[02:28:47] <jac_> Is it bad form to use the Java 8 parallelism candy within a verticle?

[03:09:24] <namrood> jac_ can you provide an example?

[03:11:26] <jac_> Build a map/list, process it within a verticle using Java 8's candy instead of a vertx worker thread.

[03:21:41] <jac_> I feel very comfortable with java concurrency and threading, so vertx is merely feeling alien to me.

[03:22:02] <jac_> Not even sure how to really structure a microservices app, tbqh.

[05:43:30] <steve1234> is there any example of using spring framework with a verticle? I only see it for embedded Vertx

[10:36:32] <Ephemeral> jac_, wouldn't be too hard I don't think to make it delegate to vertx worker threads/factory.

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[18:26:21] <jtruelove> what's the way to system properties in with vertx 3?

[18:26:49] <jtruelove> tries to create a .vertx folder

[18:27:03] <jtruelove> and the working dir is '/' which it doesn't have access to

[18:29:24] <jtruelove> i tried setting -Dvertx.cacheDirBase=“/somedir” before the jar command

[20:48:45] <AlexLehm> jtruelove, the code looks like it is evaluating the property, maybe you have to create the dir first

[20:49:26] <AlexLehm> ah no, it creates the dir