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[06:48:02] <cliffreich> is anybody in here

[06:48:19] <cliffreich> im having a cannot find symbol error

[10:13:49] <gokl> Hi, im using vertx HttpClient to create GET requests to a web server verticle running on localhost. When i create more that x ( > ~10000) clients/requests i get “ Cannot assign requested address: / at Method)…”. I use this options for the client HttpClientOptions().setKeepAlive(false).setDefaultHost(“”).setDefaultPort(8080);

[10:14:45] <gokl> What could cause this exception? Im running OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.51-b03, mixed mode)

[10:32:23] <jhalliday1> ip_conntrack, fin_timeout ?

[10:40:20] <cescoffier> do you have the cause of the exception

[10:40:50] <cescoffier> most of the operating system limits network request to 10 000 (check your ulimit)

[10:42:05] <cescoffier> (cannot remember if this is set in the ulimit)

[10:42:13] <cescoffier> Check

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