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[13:18:04] <temporalfox> hi everyone :-)

[14:01:16] <Shiv> Hi

[14:01:53] <pmlopes> hi

[14:01:54] <Shiv> I want to implement simple authentication with mongodb in

[14:02:06] <Shiv> is there any tutorial / reference

[14:02:13] <Shiv> it will be very useful

[14:07:34] <pmlopes> hi Shiv, mongo auth just landed yesterday no examples have been added yet

[14:07:53] <pmlopes> if you're really interested feel free to create one ;)

[14:09:32] <Shiv> :) Sure thanks

[14:09:45] <Shiv> any reference to apis ?

[14:11:09] <Shiv> do we have any apache shiro realm for mongodb ?

[14:32:11] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[14:54:03] <pmlopes> Shiv: no there is no shiro for mongo

[14:56:42] <Shiv> Thank you

[15:42:56] <htaunay_> Hey everyone, quick question: does Vert.x support duplicate parameters in a query string?

[15:42:56] <htaunay_> Currently the path “/resource?a=1&b=2&a=3” would return a MultiMap similar to {“a”: 3, “b”: 2}, always keeping the last value of the repeated parameter

[15:42:57] <htaunay_> Specs: I am working with the Java web API, and obtaining the query params MultiMap from the RoutingContext.response object

[16:17:09] <Sticky> I am surprised its a valid query, but searching I cant see anything that says its not valid

[16:19:10] <Sticky> actualy seems there is very little required structure to the query section

[16:33:30] <htaunay_> Just figured it out. The issue was that despite the debugger only showing one value per key, inside the MultiMap there is a private linked-list structure. Also, when I looped through the MultiMap, I wasn't aware that it automagically made available the other values other than the first in the linked list through repeated keys (inside a map! thats a first for

[16:33:30] <htaunay_> me!), so I ended up overwriting the values.

[16:34:03] <htaunay_> Thanks anyway for the attention

[16:34:59] <Sticky> yeah, MultiMaps do imply a one to many relationship

[21:59:49] <hairyhenderson> hey folks! new to vertx here. Is there any way to get vertx to auto-restart a Verticle that failed to start?