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[09:14:12] <voidDotClass> If transfering a large blob of text over websockets, is it possible to get info on the transfer, such as how much is left to transfer?

[09:25:43] <temporal_> voidDotClass no, you need to have your own protocol, like sending first a message that gives the lengh of the blob

[09:29:02] <voidDotClass> temporal_, can the server itself monitor how much transfer has been sent, how much is left?

[09:52:58] <cescoffier> temporal_ pmlopes - do we do the meeting ?

[09:53:48] <pmlopes> we can, although i think it is just the 2 of us today

[09:54:12] <cescoffier> temporal_ should be around

[09:54:24] <cescoffier> he is leaving tonight no ?

[10:00:42] <cescoffier> temporal_ seems offline

[10:00:42] <pmlopes> i don't know i saw some picture on twitter where he was enjoying the sunset at the beach :)

[10:03:20] <temporal_> coming

[10:03:29] <temporal_> I'm leaving next week :-)

[10:05:00] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[10:07:01] <voidDotClass> temporalfox, temporal_ , any response to my q?

[10:19:29] <temporalfox> voidDotClass I'm not websocket expert but I think you can look at

[10:19:35] <temporalfox> it talks about fragmentation

[10:26:26] <voidDotClass> temporalfox, ty

[10:26:43] <voidDotClass> is there anything in vertx api though which would give info on transfer, how much is left, etc?

[10:33:35] <temporalfox> voidDotClass no

[11:00:44] <temporalfox> pmlopes now I think about it, we should not allow enum to be inner classes, because in some languages we want to generate enums and generating a name for an inner class can be an issue (like for other vertxgen types)

[11:01:17] <pmlopes> fine with me, i will extract it out

[11:01:19] <temporalfox> pmlopes so can you remove it from inner class ? on my side I'll add a test to check that using an enum inner in a codegen method raise a proper compiler issue

[11:01:28] <pmlopes> sure

[11:05:35] <temporalfox> thanks

[23:49:18] <mark_> .nick bytor99999

[23:49:21] <mark_> er