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[02:46:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [06:52:47] <Shiv> Hi [06:53:59] <Shiv> I want to use mongo-persister module in my application, how do i deploy this module …. any reference ? [06:55:09] <Shiv> i m new to vert.x [07:44:02] <Shiv> is module concept available in Vertx.3 , if not then can anyone please help to get mongo-persistor module included in Vertx.3 app ? [07:59:18] <Shiv> is module concept available in Vertx.3 , if not then can anyone please help to get mongo-persistor module included in Vertx.3 app ? [08:41:25] <bcd> Shiv: look for MongoDB [09:27:18] <Shiv> thank u bcd [10:02:13] <temporal_> hi everyone! [10:02:39] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[12:33:31] <Permafrost> Hello everyone! I have a question about the general way to implement the Vert.x-java-libraries: As always, I am including the unzipped jar files as combined library into my netbeans project. Following hte turoials, I tried to create the basic Vertx-object and so on and so forth. However, the imports are named differently from all the tutorials (in tutorials, it start with “io.”, mine with “org.”). The imported compinent act differen

[12:36:32] <Permafrost> Tp provide some examples: The vertx-class is abstract and needs to implement all the required methods, instead of just creating a new Vertx-object. There is no class AbstractVerticle. The Verticle-class does not allow me to override its start-method when inherting it.

[12:40:36] <Sticky> are you sure you are importing 3.x.x versions of the libraries?

[12:45:53] <Permafrost> Sure, I don't. MAybe I was to hasty downloading the first zip-file after entering the Download-seciton of the website

[12:46:00] <Permafrost> It's versions 2.16

[12:46:10] <Permafrost> I will try the newer ones then

[12:53:14] <Permafrost> Vertx remains abstract, although it isn't in the tuorials

[12:54:08] <Sticky> normally Vertx should be an interface

[12:55:12] <Permafrost> It makes sense, it is. Are the turoials still on the basis of an older versions which supported out-of-the-box Vertx-objects?

[12:55:42] <Sticky> which tutorial are you reading?

[13:24:50] <cescoffier> Permafrost: do you have the link to this tutorial ?

[13:30:45] <Permafrost> I will search it out again

[13:31:24] <Permafrost>

[13:32:22] <Permafrost>

[13:32:39] <Permafrost> Ok, the last one was obvious :P

[13:42:38] <vertxUser> There is a known bug in virtualbox, where apache/nginx inside Virtualbox keeps on serving old files, after files are changed. Problem is solved by setting sendFile for apache/nginx as off. I am facing same issue with my vertx server. Any suggestions to solve this issue for vertx?

[13:42:38] <Permafrost> As you can see, it's in the official manual, too

[13:44:15] <s0va> hello

[13:44:39] <s0va> can anyone help me with verx 2.1.x hazelcast map eviction?

[13:45:08] <s0va> looks like my vertx websocket server contains memory leak caused by hazelcast cluster

[13:51:40] <vertxUser> I am using StaticHandler for files in vertx3

[14:18:10] <DP2015> HI, any ideas of to deploy a different version of the same java verticle?

[14:25:59] <DP2015> with a pub sub, I have a verticle running e.g someVerticalV1.0 that consumes an endpoint, l need to update the vertical to make some changes and deploy, so I deploy someVeticalV1.1 and can then undeploy someVerticalV1.0 , do i need to rename the class and the entire package or is there a better way to do this

[14:59:24] <s0va> DP2015: you can have another node in a cluster

[14:59:44] <s0va> deploy new version in a separate node, undeploy in the first node

[14:59:45] <s0va> ipd

[14:59:48] <DP2015> yeah i was thinking that

[15:00:29] <DP2015> i am reading all the Verticle Isolation Groups

[15:00:37] <DP2015> but am only just getting my head around it

[15:00:53] <DP2015> also it looks like that may be changing base on the google groups

[15:50:50] <cescoffier> permafrost - this post is about vert.x 3 not 2

[15:55:29] <cescoffier> pmlopes - post 3 (Some Rest with Vert.x) is public. I've updated the HTTP status codes

[15:55:42] <pmlopes> cool

[16:21:18] <temporalfox> cescoffier pmlopes the json generation has been PR, if one of you can review it, it would be great :-)

[16:21:33] <temporalfox> I would like to wrap up before my holidays

[16:21:36] <cescoffier> temporalfox - will do in my review time (later today)

[16:21:40] <pmlopes> i will have a look

[16:21:41] <temporalfox> thanks cescoffier

[16:22:41] <temporalfox> thanks pmlopes

[18:26:11] <Nash> Hi.. I am developing a simple gradle project of vertx.. The sanple provided in github runs perfectly via gradlew command.. But when i try to run it using gradle command, it throws stackoverflow error.. I m using latest distribution of gradle

[18:37:46] <millrossjez> in that case I'd use the gradlew command, or you can expect to have to create your own build.gradle from scratch - maybe submit an issue against the sample in github?

[18:44:22] <Nash> Oh.. Okay.. I havent try building my own build. Gradle file.. Will try your suggestion and report it

[18:46:25] <Nash> But the point is the 'helloworld' Kickstart application should work in every manner. Using gradle wrapper or without

[19:02:32] <AlexLehm> nash, i think the main function of gradle wrapper is to make sure you are using a specific version of gradle, maybe that is causing an issue when you use another version with the build scripts

[19:04:36] <nash> Correct alexlehm. so i assume that vertx 3.0 would support 2.* version of gradle.

[19:05:43] <AlexLehm> yes i think so

[19:37:21] <drfits> Hi there