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[01:16:05] <monko> good evening, everybody!

[01:16:47] <monko> i'm playing around with the new vert.x and liking it very much

[01:17:22] <monko> but could it be that not everything is completely fleshed out yet?

[01:19:43] <monko> i was looking for the commonSql parameterized insert - guess it's just not here yet?

[01:22:11] <monko> i guess, for now, string escaping (shudder) will have to do

[03:12:00] <monko> anyone here?

[06:27:05] <basky> hello .. I am trying to run mail-service examples but in vain .. Verticle gets deployed successfully.. when i d sendMail, it never returns back to its handler .. anyone having same issue ??

[09:53:38] <cescoffier> pmlopes: Morning, are you around ?

[09:53:50] <pmlopes> cescoffier, good morning

[09:54:25] <cescoffier> I'm writing the mail for Nemo

[09:55:34] <cescoffier> I've only asking for vertx-web, vertx-service-proxy and vertx-maven-service-factory

[09:55:39] <cescoffier> do you want vertx-auth ?

[09:58:01] <pmlopes> what is nemo?

[09:58:09] <pmlopes> or who is Nemo?

[09:58:17] <cescoffier> what in this case :-)

[09:58:31] <cescoffier> nemo is the Sonar server for open source projects

[09:58:37] <cescoffier>

[09:59:03] <pmlopes> oh ok, then please add vertx-auth since it is a critical component that we should not mess up :)

[09:59:31] <cescoffier> ok

[09:59:46] <cescoffier> I'will also rely on vertx-auth for the stomp authentication support

[13:36:32] <monko> hi everybody! i'm writing a little blogging app (to learn the framework better), but was stumped by the lack of parameterized INPUT in commonsql

[13:37:50] <monko> any advice in how to get over that obstacle? this is not security critical, but there isn't even available support for SQL string escaping (e.g. in commons lang) anymore.

[13:41:27] <monko> is it possible to use the update interfaces for inserting/deleting?

[13:45:48] <monko> ah, ok - i've just tried, update works

[13:46:01] <monko> makes sense.

[16:08:33] <joan_> any vertx 3 developer here ?

[16:08:35] <joan_> :)

[16:09:39] <joan_> mhh i have the following problem with downloading files in vertx 3.0:!topic/vertx/N_wSoQlvMMs

[16:10:07] <joan_> i implemented downloading large files with vertx 2, but somehow i get corrupt files with vert3

[16:10:25] <joan_> i'm really stuck, so if someone could help, that would be great

[16:10:54] <D-Spair> joan_: Gimme a few seconds to have a look

[16:11:24] <joan_> thanks!!!!

[16:12:10] <joan_> if you need my code, i can send it again to this channel

[16:13:47] <D-Spair> joan_: Looks like you are closing the channel outside of the Pump… Pump will do that work for you… You just need to provide Pump with the source and destination…

[16:14:22] <D-Spair> joan_: So, the code inside of your “endHandler” should probably go away.

[16:15:22] <joan_> okay, but how do i know then when the pump has finished ?

[16:16:12] <D-Spair> joan_: I “believe” that you can set a callback on the Pump itself…

[16:16:22] <joan_> i need a way/ callback when all data is written to the asyncfile

[16:16:51] <joan_> but the interface “Pump” does not have a method like that

[16:19:09] <joan_> i didnt read your first message,sorry

[16:19:49] <joan_> but then i have the same question: how do i now when all data is written to the file

[16:19:54] <D-Spair> joan_: Here's a good example:

[16:20:24] <D-Spair> joan_: And you are correct, there is no callback on Pump… It just goes until the stream is closed.

[16:21:16] <D-Spair> joan_: You “could” have the “endHandler” for the http client stream send a notice once the stream is ended.

[16:21:17] <joan_> so, when the endhandler of the httpClientResponse is called, then the file is completly weitten ?

[16:22:32] <joan_> so, this is my endhandler now :

[16:22:34] <joan_> httpClientResponse.endHandler(httpEndHandler → { message.reply(filePath); });

[16:22:50] <joan_> damn, i hope you can read this, sorry

[16:22:57] <joan_> i try it!

[16:23:09] <joan_> give me 3 min :) thank you very much already!

[16:23:18] <D-Spair> joan_: It “may” be completely written, but you don't need to worry if it isn't as the Pump will handle draining the stream and writing any remaining bytes.

[16:26:24] <joan_> i still get corrupt files…

[16:26:58] <D-Spair> joan_: Pastebin your latest code please.

[16:27:52] <joan_> i am sorry, pastebin means ? :) (i am not often in irc chats) :D

[16:28:46] <D-Spair> joan_: Go to “” and paste your code there and post the link back here instead of trying to show code in the chat.

[16:28:58] <joan_> ok i got it

[16:28:59] <joan_>

[16:29:46] <joan_> its all work in progress ;)=

[16:31:05] <D-Spair> joan_: You are still closing the httpClient in your code instead of letting the Pump do it for you…

[16:31:17] <joan_> ohh no

[16:31:20] <D-Spair> joan_: You are closing the file as well..

[16:31:35] <D-Spair> Pump will close both streams when it is done..

[16:31:39] <joan_> ok, perhabs im a complete idiot

[16:31:54] <joan_> but im closing the client, not the HttpClientResponse

[16:32:32] <joan_> sorry, i thought you mean closing the HttpClientResponse is wrong

[16:33:08] <joan_> but i only close the file if the status code is not matching

[16:33:29] <D-Spair> joan_: I'm looking at line 187 where you call “asyncFile.close()”

[16:34:26] <joan_> yes thats true, but in this case an error occured, and i wont even started the pump

[16:36:36] <D-Spair> joan_: IC… Still looking..

[16:36:42] <joan_> this is the updated code:

[16:36:56] <joan_> with removing comments end the client.close()

[16:39:25] <D-Spair> joan_: On the latest paste, line 169, where is httpClientResponse being defined?

[16:39:51] <D-Spair> joan_: I do not see that being passed as a parameter…

[16:40:00] <joan_> on which pastebin ?

[16:40:08] <D-Spair> joan_: on the latest one..

[16:40:38] <joan_> its part of the lamda expression

[16:40:47] <joan_> return httpClientResponse → {

[16:42:41] <D-Spair> joan_: Understood, but you are relying on the JVM to do type inference to determine what to pass in as the httpClientResponse, and perhaps that is where it is going wrong.

[16:44:05] <D-Spair> joan_: I will try to compile and run your code later and reply on the Google Group, but for now I have to run off to do my day job…

[16:44:46] <joan_> thank you cery much, i give it a try!

[16:47:04] <joan_> sorry to say that but it also fails…

[16:50:40] <joan_> has someone else an idea ?

[17:07:35] <joan_> any other vertx expert here :)

[17:24:19] <Sticky> joan_: that is not the problem, java can inver the type of httpClientResponse as a HttpClientResponse from the definition of getHttpClientResponseHandler

[17:33:23] <joan_> yes, i verified that

[17:34:10] <joan_> i am realy stucked now

[17:34:20] <joan_> i have now idea whats wrong with the code

[17:35:50] <joan_> the strange thing is, that if i url points to a file in the internet, the file is not corrupt. if the file points to a file which is hosted on my machine, for example a fiel served by nginx, its corrupt. but i verified that the file which is on my filesystem is not corrupt. i am totaly confused…

[17:43:16] <Sticky> joan_: do you need to set something like “Content-Encoding”, “Content-Type” etc :

[17:45:52] <joan_> well, i send nothing to the client, i just make a get request without a body

[17:46:12] <joan_> so i would think, that i dont need a content-type set

[17:46:51] <joan_> *i send nothing to the server (sorry)

[17:46:54] <D-Spair> joan_: Without a content-type, the client may assume text/plain and not transfer the bytes in the correct format.

[17:47:30] <D-Spair> When you set the content-type, the code will account for that and encode the data as base64

[17:51:15] <joan_> so would do i need to set for binary ?

[17:51:58] <joan_> application/octet-stream ?

[17:52:02] <D-Spair> joan_: Content-Type should be something like “video/x-matroska” or whatever format…

[17:52:22] <cescoffier> pmlopes: do you have commiter right on ?

[17:54:01] <joan_> D-Spair: still not working…

[17:56:05] <joan_> sorry, i have to leave

[17:56:13] <joan_> if anybody has an ide, you are welcome

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