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[10:07:04] <L—–D> the docs said, socket automatically registers a handler on the event bus, does this also applied to clustered event bus?

[10:36:02] <cescoffier> L—–D: why kind of socket ?

[10:36:17] <L—–D> cescoffier, tcp socket

[10:36:37] <L—–D> tcp socket server

[10:58:11] <cescoffier> so yes, I would think so.

[11:09:12] <msavy> cescoffier: do you know if there's a plan to do a 3.0.1 release with the bugs and small features you've fixed up until now? or will the next release be 3.1.0?

[11:09:56] <cescoffier> msavy: yes there will probably a a 3.0.1, but not sure when. Tim is going to decide when he is back from vacations

[11:10:37] <cescoffier> however don't excpet new component in the vert.x stack in this release

[11:10:48] <cescoffier> (just bug fix of the exiting components)

[11:11:34] <msavy> cescoffier: sure, that's all i want :)

[11:12:12] <msavy> cescoffier: want to get some stuff out into the community, but there are a few bugs and micro-features that aren't released yet. good to hear, thanks!

[11:13:20] <cescoffier> msavy: I can't give you an exact date, but I would bet on end of august, beginning of September.

[11:13:39] <msavy> thanks, insight appreciated