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[01:10:41] <saltuk> hi

[01:11:10] <saltuk> may ask a question ? it is possible eventbus register with parameters? ..

[01:13:18] <saltuk> for example /eventbus?token=123 is not possible for socket.js in headers or write on own your handler for this ..

[01:13:53] <saltuk> does vertxbus support something like that?

[01:15:04] <saltuk> or do i have to something like ? /eventbus/:token/* something like that ? ..

[04:17:36] <neodevelop> hi everyone!

[04:18:03] <neodevelop> I want to asks somehitng, this is the place? is about the system properties in ruby scripts

[04:18:15] <neodevelop> *something*

[04:18:50] <neodevelop> I want to ask something, this is the place? is about the system properties in ruby scripts

[05:58:58] <saltuk> how to access session on eventbus ? ..

[06:08:45] <neodevelop> how can I put `System.setProperty(“vertx.disableFileCaching”, “true”);` in a ruby script ?

[06:09:23] <neodevelop> And how can I hot reload in every change while running a Verticle?

[06:09:37] <neodevelop> Vertx3 I mean to say

[06:09:50] <neodevelop> thanks for your comments

[09:58:21] <cescoffier> purplefox: good morning. I've written a blog post about the async API (an intro to async / non blocking api). Here is the post if you want to have a look:

[09:58:52] <cescoffier> It's not really part of the introduction to vert.x series, it like an interlude

[10:15:01] <purplefox> cescoffier: awesome, will take a look soon :)

[11:54:31] <mathieui> Hi, I[unknown:rsquo]m using vertx 3 web and somehow doing requestContext.session() inside a handler creates a new session everytime

[11:54:58] <mathieui> which is kind of defeating the purpose of using sessions

[12:00:03] <purplefox> can you show your code?

[12:03:26] <mathieui> purplefox,

[12:08:25] <purplefox> mathieui: i think i would need to some something self contained (not snippets) to figure it out

[12:08:36] <purplefox> (and not your entire app ;) )

[12:08:56] <purplefox> did you look at the session example in the examples repo?

[12:09:06] <purplefox>

[12:12:40] <purplefox> but if you're getting a new session each time it means either:

[12:12:56] <purplefox> a) the session cookie isn't being passed in the request - maybe you haven't configured a cookie handler?

[12:13:20] <purplefox> b) i see you're using clustered sessions - maybe the request has hit a different node and you haven't configured clustering properly

[12:13:38] <purplefox> but it's pretty much impossible to say without seeing something more complete / crystal ball

[12:14:16] <mathieui> yeah but that would be kind of complicated to extract :/

[12:15:05] <mathieui> for a), I included it in the snippet, and for b), I have four verticles that communicate without issues

[12:15:53] <mathieui> but thanks, I[unknown:rsquo]ll look a bit more into it

[12:17:11] <blackorz4r> is there a way to see the sessions on each node?

[12:20:47] <purplefox> blackorz4r: clustered sessions?

[12:22:26] <purplefox> mathieui: blackorz4r: suggestion - get your app working with local sessions *first* - verify that it works,

[12:22:51] <purplefox> then switch to clustered sessions.

[12:26:20] <blackorz4r> purplefox: thanks!

[15:33:49] <mathieui> purplefox, fyi, it was on obscure CORS issue with cyberthings missing on every end

[15:38:36] <purplefox> mathieui: ok, glad you sorted it out

[16:44:58] <cescoffier> purplefox Narigo - I've migrated the main sources of the Mysql / Postgres driver from Scala to Java

[16:45:19] <cescoffier> it's a direct translation, there are plenty of work to do (tests tests tests and cleanup)

[16:45:29] <cescoffier> I gonna do the tests now

[16:45:51] <cescoffier> (I've pushed the current state on the port-to-java branch)

[16:46:13] <cescoffier> but beofre migrating the test, I need a double espresso

[16:47:38] <purplefox> cool

[16:47:49] <purplefox> at this rate, we will have 3.1 ready to release in 2 weeks ;)

[16:47:57] <purplefox> but please, don't burn out :)

[16:58:55] <cescoffier> purplefox: have 2 days of vacation in Brittany - burning is not possible there with the amount of rain they have planed

[17:05:02] <purplefox> cescoffier: lol, it is called “Brittany” for a reason ;)

[17:05:49] <purplefox> actually, my parents lived there for a while. the weather is a bit better than grande bretaine but not much ;)

[23:20:20] <jtruelove> purplefox: question i created 1 HttpClient with defaults then tried to create a hundred websockets using that same client, doing this i'd get at most 5 connects to my server. When I started creating an httpclient for each one everything worked as expected. Do you know why that is ? seems like a bug.

[23:20:47] <jtruelove> when i for instance use the same httpclient to make 100 or 10k rest calls I don't see this issue

[23:37:38] <jtruelove> ah… ran a little test and saw that if i closed each connection after connecting they all connectd

[23:37:55] <jtruelove> of course it's mr default max pool size

[23:39:06] <jtruelove> any reason on the magic # 5? :)