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[03:56:51] <saltuk> hi any1 here of developer of vertx web ? ..

[07:38:20] <jtruelove> saltuk: i'm a user of it, what's the question

[10:36:08] <cescoffier> purplefox, Narigo Good morning guys. Going to make lots of commit on the async mysql / postgres clients. As I'm starting migrating the tests, I fix the holes I forgot yesterday.

[10:36:23] <Narigo> cescoffier, cool :)

[10:36:32] <cescoffier> purplefox, Narigo When it will be ready I will squash them

[10:50:11] <purplefox> cescoffier: np!

[11:44:47] <msavy> purplefox: is #executeBlocking suitable for high-volume but latency insensitive workloads (e.g. lots of metrics data that will be pushed by a blocking client, but we don't really care about latency given the data is already concrete)

[11:51:15] <msavy> pseudocode -

[12:22:00] <red1ynx> Hi! Is it possible to embed vertx 3 in java?

[12:22:28] <red1ynx> I see an example for vertx2: , but can't find PlatformManager/PlatformLocator

[12:40:08] <purplefox> red1ynx: follow the getting started links from the docs should answer that question :)

[13:23:29] <cescoffier> red1ynx: yes, you can embed Vertx in java

[13:23:59] <cescoffier> red1ynx: here is an example:

[13:40:32] <red1ynx> purplefox, cescoffier not really what I'm looking for. I need to deploy several instances of verticle from Java

[13:41:27] <purplefox> red1ynx: call vertx.deployVerticle

[13:41:29] <cescoffier> red1ynx: you can, when you deploy your verticle, create DeploymentOptions and set the number of instance you need

[13:42:05] <red1ynx> when I try vertx.deployVerticle(myVerticle); I got message that I can't create more than one instance for already created verticle.

[13:42:38] <red1ynx> sry, I vertx.deployVerticle(myVerticle, deployOptions) signature.

[13:42:40] <cescoffier> here is an example of deployVerticle: So if you create your instance of vertx, just used .deployVerticle

[13:42:51] <cescoffier> is myVerticle an instance ?

[13:42:59] <cescoffier> use the class name

[13:43:16] <red1ynx> Yes, instance. Thanks, will try class name.

[13:43:20] <cescoffier> of course, it's not possible to replicate instances. If you pass the classname, vert.x instantiate as many instances as you want

[13:43:42] <cescoffier> it must have an empty constructor

[13:43:59] <cescoffier> (a public constructor without parameter)

[13:44:10] <cescoffier> (not sure it has to be public, need to check the code)

[13:50:57] <purplefox> red1ynx: this is all covered in details in the docs here

[14:12:13] <red1ynx> purplefox, cescoffier: thanks, works

[14:57:05] <cescoffier> purplefox, Narigo - All test works on postgres

[15:09:59] <cescoffier> purplefox, Narigo - one failure on mysql (a date one)

[15:10:22] <cescoffier> so next is to cleanup a bit y work as I use docker to run mysql and postgres (will keep that in a separated profile)

[15:11:12] <Narigo> cescoffier, nice work! the dates in mysql are a bit special. I think they kick the milliseconds or something like that and only show .000 always. Something like that - I remember putting special cases in the mysql test for something like that

[15:12:29] <cescoffier> it's exactly what I've right now, get 000 instead of 234

[21:56:51] <saltuk> hi is there any method on eventbus address is registered or not ?

[21:56:59] <saltuk> validate