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[16:41:39] <BadApe> how is vert.x faster than netty when i thought vert.x used netty

[19:34:13] <Permafrost> Hello everyone! I have a small question about the EventBus. Is there a way to let the sender of a message receive all the receivers responses when using publish to send the messages? I know, that EventBus.send() allows it and in works. It would be practical to have the same implemented functionality for publishing to all receivers, too.

[19:35:19] <Permafrost> It can get messy, of course, because an arbitrary number of consumers/receivers can be registered and, thus, would answer a published message one after the other

[19:57:52] <Permafrost> Another thing are MessageCodec-objects. I don't really get, how to create one to begin with. Creating one from scratch with implementation of all abstract mehtods results in error messages about not being able to register system codecs