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[00:04:14] <Makavelli> hey guys, what is a JSSocket and wheres the differnce to a normal Socket?

[00:26:30] <Makavelli> is there anything else here besides no conversation

[00:31:13] <Makavelli> oh there are people leaving and joining

[01:42:35] <Sticky> BadApe: what makes you think vert.x is faster?

[01:44:19] <Sticky> Makavelli: many of the vert.x people are europe based and work, so are not around too much at 1am on a weekend

[01:44:41] <Makavelli> Sticky: I see thank you

[01:51:40] <Sticky> Makavelli: and reyour question, there are quite a few blogs about what sockjs is, but tldr, it gives you a socket like communications channel to browsers, event to browsers that do not support websockets

[01:52:11] <Sticky> *even

[01:52:17] <Makavelli> Sticky can I use vertx for simple Java Client/Server Architectures? Java Client connecting to Java Server

[01:52:38] <Sticky> absolutely

[01:58:44] <Makavelli> Sticky: are you still here?

[01:59:10] <Sticky> yes

[13:03:51] <java_ape> hey guys how do I use vertx with intellij?

[13:30:54] <java_ape> can somebody teach me a few things about vertx? I'd pay 10$

[16:45:37] <Sticky> hah

[16:46:13] <Sticky> damit, hes gone, I was trying to come up with $10's worth of vertx info

[18:19:57] <voidDotClass> lool

[18:32:04] <purplefox> Sticky: I imagine $10 won't buy much of your time ;)

[18:33:36] <Sticky> given my level of vertx knowledge atm, not sure I could charge much of a premium for my vertx wisdom

[18:47:29] <msavy> purplefox: a tech preview of the vert.x 3 based gateway made it into the latest apiman release :-)

[18:47:37] <msavy> yay

[20:24:23] <BadApe> is vertx version 3 stable?

[20:46:57] <AlexLehm> yes

[20:54:35] <AlexLehm> depends what you consider stable of course

[21:32:34] <BadApe> AlexLehm, i just watched a video saying that version 3 wouldn't be stable until the end of 2015

[21:32:50] <BadApe> and then i came to download after becoming interested in vertx

[21:33:13] <AlexLehm> the 3.0 release version was released on end of may I think

[21:33:38] <AlexLehm> depends on when the video was done, maybe the planning was different before

[21:34:19] <AlexLehm> 22.6.2015 actually

[21:34:39] <BadApe> vertx seems ideal for writing my games middleware auth/config/chat systems

[21:34:56] <BadApe> not that my game is anything much