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[03:44:05] <BiggusDiggus> Hi, A couple of questions, I have created a few verticles as modules, i am running in intellij ide, i am trying to create a vertical manager UI that can monitor and deploy/undeploy the other verticles programmatically but cannot work out how to do this, any advice would be welcome, secondly would I be able to debug the vertcles that are started programmatically?

[03:44:57] <BiggusDiggus> I cannot seem to get the vertx.deployVerticle(“com.mycompany.MyOrderProcessorVerticle”, res → { to work

[06:52:22] <bq_> this channel seems dormant. i never get a response

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[12:53:15] <amr> what's the best way to catch a shutdown so that my verticles can have their stop() method called?

[12:53:38] <amr> is it just catching the event and calling vertx.stop?

[13:49:11] <Sticky> amr: are you talking about detecting that the jvm is about to die?

[13:51:05] <Sticky> if so, then there is no 100% solution, but you can do things like using Runtime.getRuntime().addShutdownHook

[13:53:20] <Sticky> which is not guaranteed to be called, and similar to all finalizers should not be relied on that they actually happen

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[15:15:07] <amr> Sticky: yeah, that's what i have ATM, and then i just undeploy my verticles

[15:15:11] <amr> sound reasonable?

[15:16:33] <Sticky> its reasonable assuming if the shutdown hook didnt happen you would not be screwed, i.e database left in inconsistent state

[15:17:17] <amr> ack, yea

[15:17:30] <amr> i guess its quite app dependent on how to handle shutdown events

[15:19:10] <Sticky> about the only time I have done it is to try to cleanly shutdown open sockets, to try to avoid the situation of sockets not having to wait for a full timeout period before dieing

[15:20:08] <Sticky> but thats kind of a situation of closing the socket is nice but if not no big deal

[15:25:03] <amr> yeah

[15:25:05] <amr> thats fair

[20:36:13] <amr> so slightly dumb question, when embedding vertx how do you delpoy a module?

[20:37:44] <amr> (in this case, the mongo persistor module)

[20:38:29] <amr> oh, it seems v3 has no modules

[23:01:21] <AlexLehm> amr, you can deploy verticles similar to deploying modules in 2.x

[23:09:42] <amr> vertx.deployModule doesn't seem to exist anymore

[23:09:49] <amr> no platformmanager

[23:57:32] <AlexLehm> you have to use vertx.deployVerticle, the complete module thing is removed

[23:59:37] <amr> can i just use the name of the moduleas the verticle?