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[13:44:29] <amr> hey purplefox was it yourself that had an example web project that showed using worker verticles?

[13:58:57] <cescoffier> amr if you have one, we would be really happy in integrate it. You can open a PR on the vertx-example repo

[13:59:41] <amr> i'm working on a short project right now to scrape some data in a worker and display it when queried in the webserver

[13:59:56] <cescoffier> that would be a nice example

[14:00:17] <amr> happy to contribute if you guys decide im using things the way they were intended to be used :-)

[16:55:04] <krzysztof> Hi, it seems that if I set pipelining on http client client start to loose requests

[16:55:18] <krzysztof> it did not happen on v2.5.1

[17:15:59] <krzysztof>!topic/vertx/6L7HUTJ3SDA

[17:23:14] <Sticky> is that range function from rx?

[17:24:08] <krzysztof> Java 8

[17:24:19] <krzysztof>;

[17:25:04] <Sticky> ahh, dont know then, other than I would count the number of requests made to make sure they do actually go out

[17:25:58] <Sticky> since atm I dont think you can know if its the client or server that is failing

[17:26:28] <krzysztof> Yep, I had that before

[17:26:44] <krzysztof> The handler is being invoked

[17:27:02] <Sticky> ahh, so the server does get all 10k requests?

[17:27:40] <krzysztof> the server handler is not being called

[17:28:04] <krzysztof> or wait, actually I forgot ;)

[17:28:11] <krzysztof> have to check again :D

[17:31:30] <krzysztof> hmm, I know I call 10k requests, how would you count the number of requests actually invoked?

[17:54:50] <rann> hi all, quick (beginner) question: suppose I want to talk to a vertx eventbus running in a java application server (localhost:8080) from a node.js app; is that possible?

[17:55:11] <rann> essentially i want to require vertxbus.js and do var eb = new vertx.EventBus('http://localhost:8080/eventbus');

[18:41:59] <penthief> Calls to executeBlocking take a long time (a few seconds) to be queued & executed when the machine is already under a little bit of load. Is this normal?