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[00:20:53] <AlexLehm> unless its documented as async, it's probably blocking

[00:22:26] <s0va> BadApe: if it does not return future as result of method call, or method call doesn't take some sort of handler/callback as an argument, it's blocking

[00:22:29] <s0va> :)

[00:24:50] <BadApe> i had a feeling that was the case

[00:26:32] <s0va> well, you can still use blocking libraries in worker-style verticles, or you can use vertx.executeBlocking() in eventloop

[00:27:11] <s0va> you can also execute blocking code in your own custom executor (wrapped in callables), so it's okay

[00:27:14] <s0va> :)

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[09:16:06] <marcels> Hi, we are seeing some random NPE's during deploy of modules since 2.1.6. Restarting the same module solves the issue. Any ideas on what could cause this ?

[09:17:53] <marcels>

[09:17:59] <marcels> and a gist with stack :-)

[10:01:12] <purplefox> cescoffier: pmlopes temporalfox , coming to the meeting now

[10:01:18] <temporalfox> already there!

[11:28:10] <guest1_> i involved hbase-client and vertx 3.0.0 in the same project, both libs use differect version netty, so i thought netty conflict occurs.

[11:28:39] <guest1_> what can i do to solve this problem?

[11:36:18] <pmlopes> guest1_: that is tricky which version does hbase use?

[11:40:37] <guest1_> vertx3.0.0 → io.netty:netty-common:4.0.28.Final, hbase-client:→io.netty:netty-all:4.0.23.Final

[11:42:08] <guest1_> so i got this error “java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Class io.netty.handler.codec.http.DefaultCookie does not implement the requested interface io.netty.handler.codec.http.cookie.Cookie”

[11:47:53] <s0va> guest1_: i force netty-all 4.0.30 in my pom.xml as separate dependency, then i add <exclusions> element for io.netty.* group for vertx-core

[11:48:27] <s0va> plus i add <exclusions> for all dependencies that require netty.

[11:48:54] <s0va> run mvn dependency:tree to check for artifacts that require netty

[11:49:37] <purplefox> guest1_: i recommend excluding the 4.0.23 dependency so only the 4.0.28 should be used

[11:49:47] <purplefox> 4.0.28 should be backwards compat with 4.0.23 anyway

[11:50:46] <s0va> purplefox: 4.0.30 works okay for me :)

[11:51:32] <purplefox> it's probably ok, but we didn't test against that version so we can't guarantee. it's probably safer to go with the one vert.x uses

[11:51:37] <s0va> purplefox: while i'm at it, httpserver's idleTimeout()… is that suppose to work?

[11:51:52] <s0va> because if i set it on httpserveroptions

[11:51:56] <purplefox> features are generally supposed to work, yes ;)

[11:53:32] <s0va> then connect to server using telnet and do nothing, connection doesn't get dropped after specified number of millis; in fact it doesn't get dropped at all (3.0.0)

[11:53:50] <purplefox> s0va: do you have a reproducer?

[11:54:24] <s0va> pastebin?

[11:54:46] <s0va> just a sec.

[11:54:50] <s0va> i'll write one

[11:55:06] <s0va> bugs are still on eclipse bugtracker, aren't they?

[11:56:00] <purplefox> s0va: btw, idle timeout is in seconds, not millis

[11:56:24] <purplefox> this might be your problem

[11:56:40] <purplefox> if you set 30000 intending 30 seconds you will be waiting a long time ;)

[11:59:36] <guest1_> thank you, i will try to remove 4.0.23… do you know how to exclude for gradle…. ^^;;

[12:00:18] <guest1_> ok google it .. lol

[12:03:56] <purplefox> guest1_: +1 ;)

[12:05:30] <s0va> purplefox:

[12:05:51] <s0va> so if you run this, then connect to server using telnet, do nothing, connection is not dropped.

[12:06:00] <s0va> purplefox: should i submit a bug report?

[12:08:15] <s0va> doesn't matter, i'll submit a bug report

[12:08:50] <purplefox> s0va: your reproducer works as expected for me

[12:09:06] <purplefox> I connect using telnet, and after 5 seconds the connection is closed:

[12:09:27] <purplefox> [email protected] ~ $ telnet localhost 8080

[12:09:27] <purplefox> Trying…

[12:09:27] <purplefox> Connected to localhost.

[12:09:27] <purplefox> Escape character is '^]'.

[12:09:27] <purplefox> Connection closed by foreign host.

[12:09:28] <purplefox> [email protected] ~ $

[12:11:26] <s0va> dafuq?

[12:11:47] <s0va> i'm using linux, oracle jdk 8u60.

[12:12:28] <purplefox> s0va: how, exactly, are you running this?

[12:12:40] <s0va> from idea

[12:13:00] <purplefox> same here

[12:13:04] <purplefox> also using linux

[12:13:21] <purplefox> what, exactly are you doing on the client side?

[12:13:57] <s0va> omg…

[12:14:06] <s0va> this timeout is in seconds, not milliseconds

[12:14:30] <purplefox> s0va: yes, that's what i said a few minutes ago ;)

[12:14:52] <s0va> sorry for false alert

[12:14:59] <purplefox> np

[14:08:38] <purplefox> temporalfox: pmlopes : there are 4 vertx-core PRs submitted by me (the top 4) waiting for review (they are all quite small) any chance you could take a look?

[14:08:48] <pmlopes> sure

[14:11:28] <temporalfox> ok

[14:49:45] <Krzysztof_> I guess that if (pipelining || keepAlive) in ConnectionManager could be simply if(keepAlive) unless it is done this way for readability

[15:20:01] <purplefox> Krzysztof_: can you make comments on the PR please? :)

[15:29:30] <Krzysztof_> I am testing it

[15:29:45] <Krzysztof_> small tests went fine, now running stress tests on real code

[15:37:10] <Krzysztof_> pipelining works fine

[15:55:19] <Krzysztof_> everything works fine, I've got expected performance, thanks

[17:36:32] <Narigo> purplefox, temporalfox is clement unavailable today? I saw a new commit in mysql postgresql which gives me a new kind of error now…. :)

[17:51:53] <purplefox> Narigo: he was around earlier

[17:52:10] <purplefox> it's almost 6pm in france now so probably he has finished for the day

[19:31:54] <Ashe`> hello; small questions (I'm 100% new to vert.x): I'd like to use vert.x as an API gateway, where I basically give vert.x a bunch of “api” jars (they are JAX-RS interfaces) and want to go through a single proxy from which I'll forward the requests to the actual implementations

[19:32:08] <Ashe`> 1) does vert.x play nicely with JAX-RS and CXF?

[19:32:40] <Ashe`> 2) does the maven service factory allow completely unloading/reloading of jars (like, to upgrade versions of the same classes)

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