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[00:26:32] <AlexLehm> Sticky: i will try to do that

[00:26:35] <AlexLehm> thanks

[00:28:00] <BadApe> hello, another question, if i send an event something like eventBus.send(“”, document.toString());

[00:28:15] <BadApe> can i get a response from the event or do i need to send another event?

[00:36:14] <BadApe> ah figured it out

[00:41:40] <AlexLehm> strange, the same error happened again

[00:51:46] <BadApe> eventBus.send(“”, “Yay! Someone kicked a ball across a patch of grass”, ar → {} can i set a type for ar rather than casting message.body() ?

[00:54:38] <Sticky> BadApe: eventBus.<JsonObject>send(…..

[00:54:52] <BadApe> aha thanks

[00:56:59] <BadApe> any if i eventBus.<ODocument>send(“”, document.toString(), options, replyHandler → how do i access the options in the listener?

[00:58:33] <Sticky> just access it

[00:58:42] <Sticky> its in scope

[01:00:25] <BadApe> so it will be in the config().

[01:00:46] <Sticky> not sure what you mean by that

[01:01:10] <Sticky> but you have a variable called “options” there

[01:01:20] <Sticky> you can access it from the handler

[01:04:18] <BadApe> eb.consumer(“”, message → {} don't see anything called options

[01:04:45] <Sticky> eventBus.<ODocument>send(“”, document.toString(), options, replyHandler →

[01:04:52] <Sticky> the 3rd arg

[01:05:24] <BadApe> so how do i access the options in the consumer

[01:05:34] <Sticky> just access it

[01:05:37] <BadApe> eb.consumer(“”, message → {}

[01:05:43] <BadApe> there is no options

[01:05:44] <Sticky> options.something()

[01:08:05] <BadApe> so i have a consumer verticle

[01:08:33] <BadApe> and a test class

[01:08:46] <BadApe> it publishes some garbage to the consumer

[01:09:29] <BadApe> so i thought maybe i would sent over a doc type to help construct the document

[01:11:06] <BadApe> did i not understand the point of the DeliveryOptions ?

[01:13:24] <Sticky> ooooh, you mean how does the receiving handler get the DeliveryOptions

[01:13:37] <BadApe> maybe i asked the wrong question

[01:13:41] <Sticky> yeah I dont think that is possible

[01:14:06] <BadApe> why would you need deliveryoptions ?

[01:14:25] <BadApe> DeploymentOptions options are in config()

[01:25:17] <BadApe> aha it is String docType = message.headers().get(“docType”);

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[09:25:56] <s0va> hello :)

[10:32:43] <s0va> purplefox: i've been debugging vertx-hazelcast with yourkit last night

[10:32:50] <s0va> i think that i actually found the bug

[10:33:04] <s0va> that causes memory leak

[10:34:45] <s0va> i came up with two different solutions; one requires vertx-core and vertx-hazelcast change

[10:34:59] <s0va> the other requires only vertx-hazelcast change

[10:35:58] <s0va> the problem is that message is sent non-registered clustered event bus address, that empty choosable set is added into hazelcast async multimap which is never removed

[10:36:11] <s0va> … and this is where memory leak comes from

[11:02:17] <purplefox> s0va: thanks. can you file an issue?

[11:07:36] <s0va> purplefox: yes…

[11:07:47] <s0va> purplefox: i can prepare patch too

[11:07:57] <s0va> and send you a pull request

[11:08:24] <s0va> 2nd option is almost oneliner, 1st option requires small change in 3 files

[12:14:20] <purplefox> s0va: cool thanks.

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[19:57:07] <BadApe> hello, i noticed jade templates are cached forever, while developing can i reload every time?