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[12:37:39] <spriet2000> morning

[12:40:57] <spriet2000> i want to learn more about peer to peer programming

[12:41:44] <Ashe`> doesn't seem related to vert.x

[12:41:49] <spriet2000> vertx has a lot of network related stuff

[12:45:13] <spriet2000> but maybe you are right ..

[12:47:14] <Ashe`> dunno, what do you want to know exactly?

[12:47:28] <spriet2000> nothinh special thanks!

[12:47:29] <spriet2000> :>

[15:08:01] <spriet2000> i have a question

[15:08:10] <spriet2000> vertx.createHttpServer(new HttpServerOptions().setPort(8080))

[15:08:10] <spriet2000> .requestHandler(req → {

[15:08:10] <spriet2000> req.response().closeHandler(e →“test”));

[15:08:10] <spriet2000> req.response().end(“EGH”);

[15:08:10] <spriet2000> req.response().close();

[15:08:11] <spriet2000> }).listen();

[15:08:15] <spriet2000> when i run this code

[15:08:28] <spriet2000> why i dont see the test log ?

[15:09:17] <spriet2000> i dont think the req.response().closeHandler is not handled

[15:09:38] <spriet2000> i am running 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT

[15:10:05] <spriet2000> the close handler should be executed right?

[15:12:31] <spriet2000> i think its on 3.0.0 too

[15:12:54] <AlexLehm> its probably using keep-alive?

[15:13:08] <spriet2000> is that default?

[15:13:12] <AlexLehm> i think so

[15:13:14] <spriet2000> ok

[15:13:18] <spriet2000> i will check

[15:13:26] <AlexLehm> you can set setKeepAlive(false) on the http server i think

[15:14:50] <AlexLehm> ah, its the close handler on the response, that is probably different

[15:15:25] <spriet2000> should be fired right?

[15:16:21] <spriet2000> req.endHandler is fired

[15:16:32] <spriet2000> but when is req.response().closeHandler fired?

[15:18:16] <spriet2000> * Set a close handler for the response. This will be called if the underlying connection closes before the response

[15:18:16] <spriet2000> * is complete.

[15:18:52] <spriet2000> i think i understood this method wrong

[15:18:56] <AlexLehm> probably when the client closes the connection without waiting for the response

[15:19:04] <spriet2000> exactly

[15:19:09] <spriet2000> oh well :>

[15:19:13] <spriet2000> thanks Alex

[15:19:14] <AlexLehm> e.g. if the browser stops the download of the html

[15:19:24] <spriet2000> yea its clear to me

[15:20:11] <AlexLehm> you can probably create that with a netsocket client if you implement the http request and close the socket immediately

[16:15:40] <levin74> question on the event bus

[16:16:08] <levin74> suppose I have multiple “producer verticles” producing events for a collection of “receiver” verticles

[16:16:13] <levin74> using publish/subscribe

[16:16:30] <levin74> question is: can I be sure that all receivers will get the events in the same order ?

[16:17:00] <levin74> like they've managed using a sort of queue

[16:17:23] <levin74> or do different receiver get events in different orders ?

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[23:05:30] <BadApe> i noticed in the documentation, web docs don't talk about url parameters like about?start=0,limit=50 something like that

[23:05:50] <BadApe> i am sure it is wrong to use path parameters to do this

[23:12:42] <Ashe`> BadApe: params() has query parameters

[23:13:28] <Ashe`> (so getParam if you want a specific one)

[23:14:50] <BadApe> so something like router.get(“/product/:id”).handler(this::getProduct); in getProduct routingContext.request().getParam(“id”); and .getPara(“start”)

[23:15:05] <BadApe> and start will be something that wasn't matched in the path

[23:45:22] <BadApe> static content doesn't seem to update if you change it without a restart, i set the setCachingEnabled to false, but no joy