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[08:55:44] <temporalfox> pmlopes hi

[08:56:17] <pmlopes> Hello, good morning

[08:56:43] <temporalfox> do you have time for working on js proxy today ?

[08:58:11] <pmlopes> I was planning to go over all reviews and issues for 3.1

[08:58:52] <temporalfox> ok

[08:59:04] <temporalfox> I sent an email, basically it is mostly done on y side

[08:59:25] <temporalfox> and as we said last week it is about having vertxbus.js provide the right plumbing

[08:59:44] <pmlopes> Ok I'll try to see it today too

[09:00:08] <temporalfox> tomorrow is fine too

[09:00:14] <temporalfox> at least if we can discuss

[09:00:20] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [09:00:21] <temporalfox> and see what is missing [09:00:25] <temporalfox> and how long it would take [09:01:50] <pmlopes> Sure [09:04:21] <temporalfox> cool [10:05:35] <pmlopes> Guys i'm having connectivity issues today and rerouted my internet over my mobile phone, just to let you know! [10:07:20] <temporalfox> good to know pmlopes [13:23:01] <purplefox> cescoffier: hi clement. can you point me to where the new redeploy code is in master? [13:23:23] <cescoffier> Hi Tim [13:23:25] <cescoffier> I can push it on a branch [13:23:37] <cescoffier> was waiting Julien to merge the previous PR (documentation) [13:28:11] <purplefox> cescoffier: ah ok. yeah if you could push on a branch would be cool, as I want to show it to someone :) [13:29:29] <cescoffier> give me two minutes to merge the latest master and I push it [13:30:10] <purplefox> thanks [13:41:50] <cescoffier> @purplefox: [13:44:35] <purplefox> cescoffier: thanks, do you have a link to the class that does the redeployment? [13:45:06] <cescoffier> the work is divded between: [13:45:20] <cescoffier> and [14:28:35] <amr> are there any examples of messagecodecs? [14:40:23] <cescoffier> amr: not in the example repository, look at the test of vertx-core [14:45:32] <amr> ah, good idea [14:45:38] <amr> thanks [14:58:27] <amr> oh cool, really is wire level buffer stuff [14:58:27] <amr> nice [16:14:58] <cescoffier> pmlopes: is it normal we breaks the compatibility in redis ? [16:15:09] <cescoffier> the “create” method is expecting a RedisOption object [16:15:15] <cescoffier> before was a JsonObject [16:16:39] <pmlopes> hi, maybe not a good idea, we should keep the jsonobject and mark it as deprecated [16:17:26] <cescoffier> yep, was surprise to see a compilation issue in a place not related to my changes [16:17:46] <cescoffier> anyway, I'm updating the example to use the latest API [16:19:07] <pmlopes> ok, i'll add back the original API [19:53:32] <amr> what's the purpose of MessageCodec.transform? [19:53:39] <amr> if you have different input and ouput types? [21:03:53] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox