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[19:43:30] <a50> hi everyone, anyone can help me, pointing out some guide that allows me to write python verticles?

[19:50:03] <a50> is python even supported in vertx3?

[19:50:15] <a50> i can't find a way to implement it

[21:19:36] <Ashe`> Does HttpServerResponse have anything remotely close to a flush()?

[21:19:41] <Ashe`> or is it just not needed?

[21:19:51] * Ashe` ⇐ trying to “port” CXF to vert.x

[21:20:13] <Ashe`> (that is, CXFServlet and similar)

[22:07:10] <temporalfox> Ashe` it cannot be flushed manually

[22:07:44] <temporalfox> Vert.x handle it for you

[22:10:55] <Ashe`> ok