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[00:11:40] <AlexLehm> it looks like there is a circular dependency when rebuilding the projects for 3.2.0 snapshot on jenkins

[02:47:48] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [04:19:49] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[04:58:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [08:48:57] <purplefox> temporal_: morning! [08:49:00] <purplefox> do you have those links to the generated release notes that clement created yesterday? [08:49:01] <temporal_> hi [08:49:11] <temporal_> let me check [08:49:39] <temporal_> [08:55:12] <purplefox> temporal_: do you know which branch we are using for updates to the web-site? [08:55:23] <temporal_> I don't know [08:55:24] <purplefox> previously we used website-3.0.0 [08:55:39] <temporal_> haven't worked on website since Michael handled it [08:55:44] <temporal_> Michel [09:06:18] <purplefox> we seem to be missing a release tag for the web-site [09:06:51] <temporal_> I think clement is here, but the VPN disconnects him from IRC [09:08:44] <purplefox> ok tagged it [09:08:51] <cescoffier> purplefox: hi [09:09:02] <cescoffier> what do you call release tag for the web site ? [09:09:13] <purplefox> v3.1.0 [09:09:28] <cescoffier> the web site is only on master, except just before a release where I create a branch to prepare the new web site [09:09:38] <cescoffier> as the blog and the content are on the same repo [09:09:46] <cescoffier> the tag would just be a snapshot we won't use [09:10:19] <purplefox> it seems blog entries have been merged against 3.0.0 branch in the past…. [09:10:34] <cescoffier> well, yes [09:10:35] <purplefox> tags are important so we can roll back to certain key points [09:10:41] <cescoffier> but because it was error-prone, I've changed it [09:10:48] <cescoffier> so master is the published branch [09:11:11] <cescoffier> rolling back the web site would drop all blog post made in between [09:11:23] <cescoffier> it's more reverting broken commits [09:11:29] <purplefox> ok there are two separate things here: [09:11:33] <purplefox> 1. tags [09:11:44] <purplefox> we should tag _all_ repositories for a release [09:11:48] <cescoffier> ok [09:11:54] <cescoffier> so, I will create a tag [09:11:59] <purplefox> i've done it already [09:12:44] <cescoffier> ok [09:12:46] <purplefox> 2. which branch do we work on for website changes? previously blog posts were submitted against the 3.0.0 branch but you're now saying that website is only on master now. so I'm confused ;) [09:12:56] <purplefox> what is the current process? [09:13:07] <cescoffier> Yes, I've send a mail about that and edited the blog publication document [09:13:10] <cescoffier> it's master [09:13:26] <purplefox> ok, so I should send a PR against master? [09:13:26] <cescoffier> because people were confused, and was creating pull request against master [09:13:30] <cescoffier> (for logos, and posts) [09:13:34] <cescoffier> yes [09:13:36] <purplefox> cool [09:14:08] <cescoffier> as the github UI is taking master by default [09:14:14] <cescoffier> (when you create a PR) [09:16:56] <purplefox> [09:18:58] <cescoffier> wow are you sure about the before XMas [09:19:47] <cescoffier> hum, you should link the breaking change page too [09:19:53] <purplefox> yep, the original date for 3.1 was before christmas and we just did another release because progress was good. but 3.2 is just the old 3.1 release [09:20:09] <cescoffier> and maybe mention dans the ventbus bridge is available on NPM, Bower and as a webjar (I made this one this morning) [09:20:34] <purplefox> ok, i need the links for all those things [09:21:00] <cescoffier> Breaking changes: [09:21:12] <cescoffier> NPM for the ventbus client: [09:21:14] <purplefox> btw release dates on the roadmap and have been there for ages ;) [09:21:26] <cescoffier> Bower: [09:21:27] <purplefox> so it shouldn't be a surprise really [09:21:57] <cescoffier> webjars: [09:21:57] <purplefox> brb [09:22:36] <cescoffier> hum, forgetting docker too ( [10:19:21] <purplefox> cescoffier: just curious - why is this a breaking change: io.vertx.core.impl.FileResolver - deleteCacheDir - method removed (private) ? [10:22:56] <cescoffier> hum, right it's in impl [10:23:00] <cescoffier> so we don't care [10:23:03] <cescoffier> gonna remove it [10:23:41] <cescoffier> (the method was public before and is now private) [10:25:51] <purplefox> ok, but FileResolver is in the impl package which means its not public API, we can change impl however we like [10:25:58] <purplefox> breaking changes only apply to non impl stuff [10:26:46] <cescoffier> yes, it should not have been put on the list [10:41:20] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[10:42:11] <cescoffier> purplefox: Do you want me to publish the web site ?

[10:45:15] <purplefox> i'm trying. but having to install node and npm and gulp (new laptop)

[10:45:22] <purplefox> and it seems gulp watch does nothing now…

[10:45:48] <purplefox> it just silently exits

[10:46:04] <purplefox> [email protected] ~/projects/vert-x3/vertx-web-site $ gulp watch

[10:46:04] <purplefox> [email protected] ~/projects/vert-x3/vertx-web-site $

[10:46:21] <purplefox> time gulp watch

[10:46:21] <purplefox> real 0m0.001s

[10:46:21] <purplefox> user 0m0.000s

[10:46:21] <purplefox> sys 0m0.001s

[10:46:29] <purplefox> weird

[10:46:42] <purplefox> so feel free to push the website, then I won't have to figure this out ;)

[10:46:51] <purplefox> i just wanted to test it locally first

[10:47:18] <cescoffier> hum, try with mvn clean install site; gulp watch

[10:47:25] <cescoffier> gulp is sometimes buggy

[10:47:32] <cescoffier> I'm publishing it

[10:48:14] <purplefox> it doesn't help

[10:48:21] <purplefox> yay for silent failures! ;)

[10:48:40] <purplefox> silent failures are even worse than core dumps imo

[10:53:47] <cescoffier> purplefox:

[10:53:47] <cescoffier> actually core dump you can have a look

[10:53:47] <cescoffier> silent failures are definitely the worst kind

[10:53:48] <purplefox> +1

[11:02:02] <msavy> woohoo, congrats on 3.1 :)

[12:47:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [13:30:56] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: i think there was a cyclic dependency on the 3.2.0 build on jenkins yesterday, but it looks like it was resolved this morning [13:31:00] <AlexLehm> not sure how that works [13:36:01] <temporalfox> AlexLehm it can happen sometimes, Jenkins is supposed to “discover” dependencies [13:36:06] <temporalfox> if dependncy in the projec thange [13:36:07] <temporalfox> change [13:36:13] <temporalfox> it retain them somehow [14:09:55] <diega> hi! could somebody give me some feedback about this thread on vertx-dev? y'day a new version has been released and vertx-rabbit-client is now two final versions behind [14:43:33] <cescoffier> diega: unfortunately, the vertx-rabbit-client is a bit staled. We are looking for contributors and maintainers [14:51:49] <diega> cescoffier, that was exactly the meaning of my email to vertx-dev :) [14:52:38] <diega> I'm using it pretty heavily in two productive projects atm [15:01:04] <diega> cescoffier, I'm maintaining this fork keeping it up-to-date and with the “delayed ack” pull request merged [23:36:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox