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[09:09:54] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [13:07:33] <amr> is it possible to chain vertx futures? [13:07:38] <amr> a bit like $q in javascript [13:07:47] <amr> i want my handler to get called when all futures have completed [13:08:38] <amr> ah , i see rxjava-promises [13:09:28] <Sticky> that is vertx 2 [13:09:54] <amr> ah [13:09:57] <Sticky> but if you are using rx look at Observables.concat [13:10:05] <amr> im not, but i guess i could [13:10:28] <Sticky> Observable.concat even [13:11:33] <amr> rx looks like what im looking for [13:11:33] <amr> thx :) [13:11:38] <Sticky> and possibly depending on what you want [14:19:21] <nagarajan> I tried using vertx java with clojure natively. It worked well [14:19:29] <nagarajan> vertx3 [14:28:44] <amr> hmm, i guess .concat is more just chaining lots of result emitting things together [14:28:54] <amr> i was hoping for some sort of .wait() or .notifyWhenAllAreDone() kinda thing [14:29:00] <amr> im not sure thats the rx way, though [14:31:10] <Ashe`> wasn't there some Observable.merge? [14:31:39] <Ashe`> [14:31:43] <Ashe`> unless that's not what you want [14:31:51] <amr> there is, but that just interleaves the results [14:31:57] <amr> yeah [14:32:09] <amr> ive basically got like 4 async requests that im waiting for so i can call a handler with the results of all 4 [14:33:16] <amr> rather than nesting the handlers, i'm trying to get something like $q's all() fn [14:35:19] <amr> with rx it looks like toBlocking().last() gets me there [14:35:28] <amr> but thats blocking [15:27:59] <Sticky> amr: that is the second thing I linked, and then when [15:28:59] <Sticky> [15:29:34] <Sticky> [19:28:38] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[20:56:59] <amr> hm, reall