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[09:53:22] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [13:12:43] <alvaro_sanchez> Hi there. If I want to use Groovy, but have full verticle classes and not scripts, I think I'm losing all the Vert.x Groovy-specific API [13:13:14] <alvaro_sanchez> eg: if I extend from AbstractVerticle, the Vertx instance is “the Java” version [13:13:40] <alvaro_sanchez> Is this assumption correct? [13:26:18] <temporalfox> yes you can do that if you prefer [13:26:24] <temporalfox> groovy has great interrop with java [13:26:35] <temporalfox> however you should compile your groovy classes to java ahead of time [13:26:52] <temporalfox> and then deploy this compiled class [13:36:02] <alvaro_sanchez> the thing is that when you use Groovy, not everything has to be a script, as well as when you have a hammer, not everything is a clove :) [13:37:09] <alvaro_sanchez> I have the feeling with the Groovy examples that everything you do in Groovy has to be a script, and I don't quite like it [13:37:18] <purplefox> that's not true [13:37:39] <purplefox> you can use either scripts or classes, with either you have access to the groovy api [13:38:01] <alvaro_sanchez> and which class should I extend if using classes? [13:38:07] <alvaro_sanchez> or just implement Verticle? [13:40:19] <purplefox> GroovyVerticle [13:41:19] <alvaro_sanchez> Alright, I missed that one [13:42:03] <alvaro_sanchez> I was looking for implementations of Verticle, and just found ScriptVerticle apart from AbstractVerticle [13:42:22] <alvaro_sanchez> Shouldn't GroovyVerticle implements Verticle? [13:43:41] <purplefox> It doesn't need to [13:45:01] <purplefox> actually it's important that it doesn't implement Verticle, because if it did then Vert.x would have trouble knowing whether you wanted it deployed as a Groovy or a Java verticle when deploying it [13:45:48] <alvaro_sanchez> Aha [14:23:48] <manzdagratiano> Hi all, quick question - whatever happened to the RouteMatcher class in vert.x 3? I can't find any API documentation on it. [14:24:36] <purplefox> manzdagratiano: it's handled in vertx-web now [14:25:06] <manzdagratiano> Ah many thanks! Will look up the details. [14:31:01] <purplefox> np [14:32:31] <temporalfox> groovy verticle is all documented here [14:32:38] <temporalfox> Writing Verticles [14:32:38] <temporalfox> There are three alternatives to create verticles in Groovy: [14:32:38] <temporalfox> a plain Groovy script [14:32:38] <temporalfox> a Groovy class extending the GroovyVerticle class [14:32:38] <temporalfox> a Groovy class implementing the Verticle interface or extending the AbstractVerticle class [15:00:10] <alvaro_sanchez> temporalfox: I see that now, before I was looking at the examples repo [15:00:23] <temporalfox> maybe we should have some examples ith that too [15:00:51] <alvaro_sanchez> that'd be useful [15:16:35] <cescoffier> I think we only have one type in the example repo [15:16:45] <cescoffier> (the one that is transcoded) [15:17:14] <cescoffier> [15:17:29] <cescoffier> I add this to my todo list [20:55:46] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox