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[04:04:10] <DP_2014> I have a module that has a dependency on com.impossibl.pgjdbc-ng that requires netty-4.032-final, but is conflicting with netty 4.031-final as used by vertx -core, I have tried several different ways to fix using exclusions but with no luck whats the easiest way to build a version of core with an updated netty dependecy, I have looked at vertx.stack but this references that…

[04:04:12] <DP_2014> …snapshot that still has the older version of netty,

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[09:41:05] <DP_2014> acceptableLocales is always giving a null variant() for Locale, how does this get set?

[09:41:31] <DP_2014> I keep getting a NullPointerException();

[09:43:55] <DP_2014> sorry acceptableLocales on RoutingContext, am using thymeLeaftemplate engine

[09:45:21] <DP_2014> render uses io.vertx.ext.web.Locale, but WebIContext is using java.util.Locale which throws null exception for variant

[11:16:58] <qsys> vertx proxies and the eventbusbridge don't seem to be as easy as I expected. I've posted an issue a while ago ( and it is resolved. However, I don't see/find how to do it: how do I generate something like processor_service-proxy.js in the examples (

[11:40:30] <qsys> Ok, got it, it's generated :p. However, with vertx 3.1, I do get errors when compiling a service (wasn't/isn't the case when using vertx 3.0): Could not generate element for mydomain.myservice: [Error: could not create constructor: null]

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[21:42:10] <AlexLehm> purplefox: any news on the pr ?