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[00:35:02] <melvinross_> failed event bus messages don't provide the original message to the failure callback.. how are the rest of you implementing retry logic?

[01:35:17] <BadApe> what i can't figure out is how to get back the error code when you set,string) in the return handler

[12:13:58] <Lecherito> Hey, is it possible to use docker to ship multiple urls that point to the same entry point? Like: /maps/{add,delete,edit} in container 1, /users/{add,delete,edit} in container 2, but both are called from,

[12:59:47] <AlexLehm> Lecherito: that should be possible with some kind of proxy (possibly outside of vertx)

[14:29:32] <Lecherito> AlexLehm: could you give me a little bit more of general info? I am not too experienced with proxies

[14:30:36] <Lecherito> Like mapping /users/add to a port like, and /maps/add to (?)

[14:30:55] <Lecherito> and run each container in its own port

[14:34:16] <AlexLehm> i am not so much knowledgable with docker, but I assume you have containers with different internal ip addresses, so you can probably use ipaddress:8080/ and ipaddress2:8080/

[14:34:52] <AlexLehm> i usually think that keeping the path in the proxy mappings is less confusing, so you could use ipaddress:8080/users/* on the actual service as well

[14:36:11] <AlexLehm> if you have nginx or something in front of your server, this is probably a docker container as well that does the mapping to the real services

[14:36:38] <AlexLehm> like /users/* → ipaddress:8080/users/* and /maps/* → ipaddres2:8080/maps/*

[14:39:30] <Lecherito> I like that AlexLehm , I will investigate it, thanks!

[14:39:56] <Lecherito> I want to have one resource per container so I can deploy only one as needed without having to worry if i break something else

[15:57:59] <prathamesh_> hi

[15:59:43] <prathamesh_> i am running vert.x on 12 instance on 24 Core CPU machine with 6 request per seconds , mostly my cpu uses is always 1% but some times my vert.x takes 70% -80% usage

[15:59:52] <prathamesh_> for 2-3 min

[16:00:17] <prathamesh_> ?help

[16:00:21] <prathamesh_> ?help

[16:01:30] <Sticky_> prathamesh_: is that 80% as in 80% of 1 core, or 80% of 24 cores?

[16:01:48] <Sticky_> and what tool tells you that

[16:02:46] <prathamesh_> all 12 cores

[16:03:14] <prathamesh_> on TOP command i can see all 12 cre 100% bust , 0% ideal

[16:03:30] <prathamesh_> i am using new relic for monitoring

[16:04:01] <Sticky_> all 12 go up together?

[16:05:21] <Sticky_> my first guess would be you get request storm that causes a huge load, alternatively it could be a garbage collection, try turning on GC logging

[16:05:23] <prathamesh_> yes all they are in always changing but all between 90 % to 100% after couple of min it automatically comes to 1%

[16:06:42] <Sticky_> and try to get a “vmstat -n 1” during a period when this is happening and give us a paste of the output during the period. But yeah, also try turning on GC logging to rule that out

[16:07:21] <prathamesh_> ok thanx

[16:08:12] <Sticky_> if it does last a few min it is very unlikely to be GC, but you never know

[16:09:30] <prathamesh_> my same JAR file was serving 200 request per seconds , but suddanly problems started , so i reduced my traffic but still its taking CPU , ok i will check what u suggested

[16:46:45] <s0va> i'm using normal junit with junitparams and assert4j