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[11:59:26] <tsegismont> pmlopes, hi

[12:00:05] <tsegismont> I'm working on my demo of Hawkular + vertx for DevopsDay in Marseille on Friday

[12:00:50] <pmlopes> hi

[12:00:55] <tsegismont> I don't know if attendees will be only Java developers so I'm writing an app in JS

[12:01:02] <tsegismont> and while developing

[12:01:28] <tsegismont> I run it with

[12:01:28] <tsegismont> vertx run app.js -Dvertx.disableFileCaching=true

[12:01:54] <tsegismont> Still, when I change the content of the html files served

[12:02:10] <tsegismont> The content is truncated after changes

[12:02:18] <tsegismont> It seems that the changes are picked up

[12:02:23] <pmlopes> i think there is an issue with caching the best for now i'd say is to use:

[12:02:26] <tsegismont> But the file size is the same

[12:02:51] <tsegismont> oh

[12:02:51] <tsegismont> ok

[12:02:57] <tsegismont> is there an issue filed already?

[12:02:59] <pmlopes> a script like this, you run it once and everytime some change happens on backend or frontend code it rebuild and starts it is almost instant

[12:03:02] <tsegismont> or should I create a new one

[12:03:25] <pmlopes> i think there is/was an issue not sure anymore atleast in the forum there was the same complain

[12:04:27] <pmlopes> here's the thread:!searchin/vertx/klausen/vertx/BphxWWTvLAA/65idMhonCQAJ

[12:09:56] <tsegismont> pmlopes, thanks for the link. setFilesReadOnly(false) works for me

[12:09:58] <tsegismont> router.route().handler(StaticHandler.create().setFilesReadOnly(false).handle);

[12:10:32] <tsegismont> pmlopes, when is your presentation today?

[12:31:27] <AlexLehm> purplefox: should I push the fix for directly or should i create a pr? the actual fix is only a mini change

[12:35:58] <kislo_metal> is there a way to share vertx route for multiple vertices (But without a common Luncher )? And what is the general approach for rest- microservices that want to live on one port ) ?

[13:09:26] <pmlopes> tsegismont it will be from 18:30 to 20:30 this night, i've rehersed it and the metrics work ;)

[14:23:07] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[14:44:04] <tsegismont> pmlopes, great! good luck

[15:05:41] <cescoffi_> tsegismont : the issue has already been fixed

[15:05:51] <cescoffi_> tsegismont quoting issue ….

[15:06:49] <AlexLehm> cescoffi_: are you sure that the license header is wrong? I assume its the same as in the other files

[15:08:14] <cescoffi_> AlexLehm : oh it's not a new file !

[15:08:19] <cescoffi_> AlexLehm : sorry

[15:08:45] <AlexLehm> the new file is UtilsTest I think I added the header tehre

[15:09:34] <cescoffi_> AlexLehm : would be nice to have a short javadoc on the new method

[15:09:49] <AlexLehm> ok, i can add that

[15:09:57] <cescoffi_> especially about the Locale.ENGLISH stuff (which makes sense, but not necessary obvious)

[15:10:23] <cescoffi_> AlexLehm : ah got it !

[15:10:46] <cescoffi_> there is an empty comment block just above the package declaration

[15:10:57] <AlexLehm> the locale.english is necessary if you are handling characters in turkish locale

[15:11:03] <cescoffi_> L17-L19

[15:11:09] <AlexLehm> yes, i remove that now

[15:11:39] <cescoffi_> I didn't looked in details, so was thinking it was the license header

[15:11:43] <cescoffi_> perfect, thanks !

[15:40:16] <AlexLehm> cescoffier: i commited the changed comments to the branch, however currently jenkins does not build the project due to some changes from Julien I think

[15:40:31] <cescoffier> AlexLehm : let me see

[15:41:14] <cescoffier> oh “does not build” is because Julien and Tim have put Jenkins in fire ?

[15:41:48] <AlexLehm> there is something not working in the codegen right now i think

[15:41:59] <AlexLehm> its currently rebuilding basically every project

[15:42:50] <cescoffier> yes, when something in merge in core, it rebuilds everything

[15:43:21] <AlexLehm> ok, i have to help my gf in the garden, i will be back later (maybe then it builds ok again)

[15:43:41] <cescoffier> temporalfox : are you around ?

[15:43:47] <temporalfox> hi

[15:43:56] <cescoffier> AlexLehm has found an interesting case for codegen: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1:compile (default-compile) on project vertx-mail-client: Compilation failure

[15:43:56] <cescoffier> [ERROR] /scratch/jenkins/workspace/vert.x3-mail-client/vertx-mail-client/src/main/java/io/vertx/ext/mail/[233,23] Could not generate model for getCc(): cc getter LIST does not match the setter VALUE

[15:43:58] <cescoffier>

[15:44:30] <temporalfox> ok

[15:44:34] <temporalfox> show me the code :-

[15:44:35] <temporalfox> :-)

[15:45:31] <temporalfox> it's because you have

[15:45:32] <temporalfox> public MailMessage setCc(String cc) {

[15:45:34] <temporalfox> overloaded

[15:45:41] <temporalfox> setCc(List<String> cc)

[15:45:44] <temporalfox> setCc(String cc)

[15:45:55] <temporalfox> add @GenIgnore on setCc(String cc)

[15:46:05] <temporalfox> I believe it should fix the problem

[15:46:14] <temporalfox> same for others

[15:46:17] <temporalfox> (bcc)

[15:50:11] <temporalfox> there are other similar issues in the stack

[15:50:15] <temporalfox> I'm going to review and clean them

[16:02:27] <ch007m> Hi

[16:02:53] <cescoffier> ch007m : hi

[16:03:01] <ch007m> Can we loadbalance http traffic between mutilple vertx instances (different nodes) ?

[16:03:04] <ch007m> Hi Clement

[16:03:28] <cescoffier> yes you can with a load balencer in front (Nginx, Apache, HA-Proxy ….)

[16:03:34] <cescoffier> load-balancer

[16:05:18] <ch007m> cescoffier: That was my assumption too

[16:05:55] <cescoffier> ch007m : just be aware that Apache does not support web sockets natively, so if you want to use pure web sockets, you should have a look to nginx

[16:07:12] <ch007m> cescoffier: Thx

[16:18:59] <ch007m> cescoffier: Happy about Devoxx event ?

[16:19:29] <cescoffier> ch007m : yes, very happy. Was really nice - but a bit exhausting. Another trip this week, and then back to code ;-)

[16:19:46] <cescoffier> ch007m : did you attend ?

[16:20:21] <ch007m> No unfortunately as I was delivering some fuse sessions last week (Zurich, Vienna) and South Africa this week

[16:21:08] <cescoffier> Oh, that's you Charles ;-)

[16:21:23] <cescoffier> wow South Africa, looks nice

[16:22:01] <temporalfox> then back to release :-)

[16:23:34] <cescoffier> temporalfox : yes definitely, I'm way behind the state I would like to have right now….

[16:23:59] <temporalfox> let's talk about this tomorrow during the conf call… oh wait!!!! :-)

[16:29:58] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: cescoffier is it possible to merge the pr without adapting it to the new master commit?

[16:30:40] <AlexLehm> github seems to think it should work

[16:35:53] <cescoffier> AlexLehm : if the PR is mergeable yes.

[16:37:07] <AlexLehm> ok, may I do that now?

[16:39:21] <temporalfox> do you mean you want to rebase ?

[16:39:27] <temporalfox> or overwrite ?

[16:40:57] <AlexLehm> i think github will merge the pr onto the current master

[16:41:13] <stampy88> hi all, I was trying to build an access log with vertx that also supported response sizes for chunked transfer encoding

[16:41:48] <stampy88> I made a PR to include the total number of bytes written as the parameter to the bodyHandler callback

[16:41:49] <stampy88>

[16:41:58] <stampy88> are you guys ok with that approach?

[16:42:34] <stampy88> bodyEndHandler callback that is

[16:47:03] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: from the description on github I think it does git merge –no-ff issue46_esmtp

[16:47:25] <temporalfox> how can I help you ?

[16:48:44] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: my question is after Clement reviewed the pr (before the fix to master), may I merge it into the master

[16:48:54] <temporalfox> yes

[16:49:03] <temporalfox> you will have eventual conflicts to resolve

[16:49:09] <AlexLehm> not so much a technical question, more of a “compliance” type thing

[16:49:12] <temporalfox> ah

[16:49:26] <temporalfox> you mean there are people that want to keep a straight line of commits ?

[16:49:28] <temporalfox> in their prepo

[16:49:29] <temporalfox> repo

[16:49:35] <temporalfox> I think we don't care

[16:49:43] <temporalfox> because it's open source deleopment

[16:49:58] <temporalfox> and it reflects the nature of open source collaboration

[16:49:58] <AlexLehm> I don't want to upset Tim by merging unconfirmed stuff

[16:50:06] <temporalfox> what is unconfirmed ?

[16:50:14] <temporalfox> without a review ?

[16:50:54] <AlexLehm> the changes from me and your changes are not compiled yet together and tested

[16:51:08] <AlexLehm> Clement did the review before

[16:51:55] <cescoffier> @temporalfox : the issue we have right now it the codegen stuff

[16:52:04] <cescoffier> (the @GenIgnore to add)

[16:52:39] <temporalfox> I fxied that

[16:52:49] <temporalfox> so you just need to pull from master

[16:52:54] <temporalfox> and get the changes

[16:53:28] <AlexLehm> ok, i will try that now

[16:57:18] <AlexLehm> ok, that worked without conflicts, thanks

[17:20:48] <tsegismont> cescoffier, hi. if I want to start an app with the CLI, and use hawkular metrics impl

[17:21:05] <tsegismont> I need to replace the metrics JAR in the metrics-full dist, correct?

[19:00:16] <gemmellr> chirino: raised a PR with some more updates at:

[19:04:04] <chirino> gemmellr: thx!

[21:53:09] <saltuk> what is the difference between 3.0 and 3.1 ?