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[11:25:00] <cescoffier> tsegismont : are you around ? Just got your question from yesterday.

[11:26:02] <cescoffier> tsegismont: I would recommend you to package your app as a fat jar, and not use the vertx command line, because as you spotted, right now you will need to remove the current metrics implementation and add the hawkular one.

[11:26:14] <cescoffier> tsegismont : the replacement is going to be much easier in the next version

[11:28:21] <tsegismont> cescoffier, ok thanks. I already tampered a 3.2.0-SNAPHOT dist build for my demo

[11:29:11] <tsegismont> And to be honest, I don't know the dance to boot a JS verticle packaged in a fat jar :)

[11:29:54] <tsegismont> Haha, I just noticed, barely joined, already away :P

[11:34:24] <tsegismont> temporalfox, I did a vertx-hawkular-metrics build yesterday and found this:

[11:34:43] <tsegismont> The dataobjects.doc file changed:

[11:35:01] <tsegismont> +++

[11:35:01] <tsegismont> Set the maximum delay between two consecutive batches (in seconds).

[11:35:01] <tsegismont> +++

[11:35:13] <tsegismont> is now

[11:35:14] <tsegismont> +++

[11:35:14] <tsegismont> @return the maximum delay between two consecutive batches

[11:35:14] <tsegismont> +++

[11:35:31] <tsegismont> That seems wrong

[11:41:07] <cescoffier> tsegismont : back (actually in a meeting)

[11:41:38] <tsegismont> No worry, just joking ;)

[11:41:51] <cescoffier> tsegismont launching a js verticle in a fat jar is pretty straightforward:

[11:42:23] <amr> interesting

[11:43:00] <tsegismont> cescoffier, thanks for the pointer

[11:44:03] <cescoffier> tsegismont we have examples for all supported languages ;-)

[11:44:27] <cescoffier> (and at the end it's just a question of classloader, so pretty easy)

[11:51:38] <temporalfox> tsegismont the doc gen might not be adequate now, I'll check that thanks :-)

[11:59:32] <tsegismont> temporalfox, do you want me to file an issue?

[14:59:28] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: I think the codegen templates are currently using the wrong copyright header, it doesn't include the eclipse link:

[14:59:51] <temporalfox> ok

[14:59:55] <temporalfox> can you open an issue please ?

[15:05:01] <AlexLehm> sure will do

[15:09:10] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: is that codegen or codetrans?

[15:09:27] <temporalfox> it is per language

[15:09:33] <temporalfox> but actually

[15:09:42] <temporalfox> the eclipse header does not have to be on generated JS

[15:09:58] <temporalfox> not sure of that

[15:10:04] <temporalfox> but at the moment only vertx core is in eclipse

[15:11:54] <AlexLehm> i am using the header that Clement put into the files when he last checked that, not sure

[15:12:28] <temporalfox> ok :-)

[15:13:47] <AlexLehm> if its not required, we can leave it like it is

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