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[00:10:38] <AlexLehm> you should be able to call fail on the Future, this will call the handler with an AsyncResult with failure

[00:12:12] <AlexLehm> i don't you have to worry about the vert.x threads if you are on the same context as the verticle, if not you can use runOnContext, this will change the thread if necessary

[01:29:03] <paul_e_coyote> One of the things I'm trying to handle is launching a long running process that eventually publishes to the event bus. This process could be external (e.g. something that creates a high quality dds from a png texture)

[01:29:32] <paul_e_coyote> So that gets triggered off by consuming a request via an event

[01:29:54] <paul_e_coyote> and replies and doesn't block

[01:30:27] <paul_e_coyote> but that Java launched external process should ideally be aborted

[01:31:24] <paul_e_coyote> and I'm not sure if calling vertx future fail from possibly another request / thread / whatever is going to be playing nice with how vertx would like things

[01:32:29] <paul_e_coyote> Anyway it's something I'm going to have to solve next week. I appreciate your input and will probably be having more slow asyncronous conversations with anyone who's interested ;)

[01:36:15] <AlexLehm> i think the future would communicate the result or failure back to the calling verticle, if you have to cancel the job that is run by the event bus, the communication is the other way (or its a new “request”). if that kills the external process, the other future will get a failure anyway

[01:36:20] <AlexLehm> I think

[01:37:24] <AlexLehm> i may be wrong though, i haven't used futures in vertx much

[23:47:58] <cordoval> hi

[23:48:05] <cordoval> anyone around?

[23:48:15] <cordoval> i have some question with the interface of vertx for redis

[23:48:28] <cordoval> it is throwing me off because of the handler that i have to pass as a second argument

[23:48:44] <cordoval> anyone around that can discuss with me or point me to complete examples?

[23:48:59] <cordoval> it is really confusing as i am coming from reading the documentation of reactivex java

[23:53:16] <cordoval> crap nobody here?