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[00:06:05] <Sticky> doubt anyone with redis experiance

[00:06:37] <Sticky> many vertx people are EU based and its past 11pm on a Sat

[00:07:01] <cordoval> where are yuo from Sitcky?

[00:07:08] <Sticky> EU

[00:07:39] <Sticky> I just spend my Sat nights on irc

[00:10:55] <Lecherito> IRC nights are best nights

[00:11:49] <Sticky> cordoval: I would ask your question though, it may not be redis specific, and you never know, someone may have the answer

[00:12:42] <Sticky> more specifically what is your problem with passing a handler?

[01:03:59] <cordoval> Sticky:

[01:04:08] <cordoval> my problem is more on the design area

[01:04:38] <cordoval> i was initializing hashmap in memory from doing several calls to redis

[01:04:49] <cordoval> then i would just use Observable.just(ApiUser)

[01:05:09] <cordoval> i mean once the ApiUser= ApiUsers.get(token)

[01:05:14] <cordoval> was gotten from the map

[01:05:35] <cordoval> was looking for examples of the usage of the interface RedisClient on

[01:05:46] <cordoval> from Vertx version of the redisclient

[01:17:36] <cordoval> hi gigo

[02:43:07] <cordoval> gigo1980_:

[13:49:02] <kibibyte> hi

[13:54:46] <kibibyte> hi

[13:54:48] <kibibyte> anyone here

[13:56:41] <Sticky> yes

[21:22:10] <kibibyte> is shared storage synchronized ?

[21:22:17] <kibibyte> can i use it from multiple verticles?

[23:34:35] <Jus_> evenin[unknown:rsquo] folks