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[00:12:39] <junster> Here's a gist of my issue - I know it's a problem most people won't run into but I figured I'd ask here before trying the mailing list or bug tracker

[02:10:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [02:54:16] <BiggusDiggus> in the templating for the web module examples you put a variable in context to get accessed via the templates, can this be json object? [02:57:39] <peter> what are great opensources project built on vertx? [02:58:41] <peter> I tried to search in github but could not found any [10:13:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[12:10:33] <tsegismont> temporalfox, you here?

[12:11:18] <tsegismont> I think I missed something while reviewing

[12:11:36] <tsegismont> (remoteName for metrics callbacks)

[12:11:54] <tsegismont> The new parameter is given to the #connected methods

[12:12:03] <temporalfox> yes

[12:12:08] <temporalfox> so then you need to store it somewhere

[12:12:10] <temporalfox> I think

[12:12:15] <temporalfox> you want it in all methods ?

[12:12:23] <tsegismont> but then, io.vertx.ext.hawkular.impl.NetClientMetricsImpl#bytesWrittenio.vertx.ext.hawkular.impl.NetClientMetricsImpl#bytesWritten

[12:12:43] <tsegismont> still only knows about remoteAddress

[12:12:51] <tsegismont> so imagine in my production

[12:13:04] <tsegismont> I have two names:

[12:13:09] <temporalfox> I need to go to lunch now :-)

[12:13:13] <tsegismont>

[12:13:13] <temporalfox> can we talk after ?

[12:13:17] <tsegismont>

[12:13:24] <tsegismont> which resolve to the same address

[12:13:51] <tsegismont> temporalfox, yes, I'll continue with the question and you can reply later ;)

[12:14:09] <tsegismont> then when io.vertx.ext.hawkular.impl.NetClientMetricsImpl#connected is called

[12:14:39] <tsegismont> I will see two remoteName values

[12:14:40] <tsegismont> Fine

[12:15:28] <tsegismont> but then #bytesWritten will use the same remoteAddress whether the bytes were sent to or

[12:16:36] <tsegismont> Mmm, I could store remoteName values in the object return by #connected

[12:16:57] <tsegismont> Then it would be available to all the methods

[12:17:00] <tsegismont> I'll try that

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