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[10:08:52] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [10:14:15] <temporalfox> hi all [10:17:13] <temporalfox> we should start the release process today [10:17:37] <temporalfox> so we only accept last minute bug fixes / doc changes after review [10:29:32] <gigo1980> hi volks, does anyone has used dropwdown metrics ? [10:29:53] <gigo1980> i have a clustered vertx system. and i have a verticle that should manage the metric parts [10:30:50] <gigo1980> but how can i handle this. because the dropdown vertx service is already initialized by an other node in the serup [10:30:52] <gigo1980> setup [11:04:11] <cescoffier> what do you mean by “manager the metrics parts” [11:09:05] <tsegismont> cescoffier, hi [11:09:10] <cescoffier> Hi tsegismont [11:09:16] <tsegismont> mars01.host13.vertx.eventbus.36541247-8ae2-41b2-bd3f-fac9b19a8812.processingTime [11:09:21] <tsegismont> [11:09:40] <tsegismont> any idea where do these bus handlers come from ? [11:12:28] <cescoffier> tsegismont : no clue, @temporalfox ? [11:12:45] <temporalfox> which handlers ? [11:13:07] <temporalfox> what is “mars01.host13” ? [11:13:25] <cescoffier> I guest it's someone one of you has created…. [11:13:31] <temporalfox> vertx uses internally event bus handlers for [11:13:34] <temporalfox> TCP sockets [11:13:53] <temporalfox> also now we do have extra handlers for back pressure [11:14:52] <temporalfox> but id is like UUID-credit [11:24:45] <tsegismont> temporalfox, 'mars01.host13' is the metric prefix used in hawkular-metrics module tests [11:24:54] <temporalfox> ok [11:25:01] <temporalfox> so which handlers are you seing ? [11:25:21] <tsegismont> temporalfox, if must be the TCP temporary handlers then [11:25:30] <temporalfox> if it's a UUID yes [11:25:40] <temporalfox> at some point I wnated to prefix them with [11:25:43] <temporalfox> “vertx.” [11:25:45] <tsegismont> because they appear in the TCP related tests only [11:25:50] <temporalfox> so the SPI could ignore them [11:25:57] <temporalfox> or at least make a distinction [11:26:25] <tsegismont> +1 [11:26:29] <tsegismont> we need a new issue :) [11:26:42] <tsegismont> temporalfox, so it's only TCP related [11:26:47] <tsegismont> not HTTP? [11:27:14] <temporalfox> [11:27:21] <temporalfox> it is also for HTTP I think [11:27:23] <temporalfox> not sure [11:28:08] <temporalfox> it is for websockets [11:28:25] <temporalfox> there are two per websocket [11:28:33] <temporalfox> Handler<Message<Buffer» binaryHandler = msg → writeBinaryFrameInternal(msg.body()); [11:28:33] <temporalfox> binaryHandlerRegistration = vertx.eventBus().<Buffer>localConsumer(binaryHandlerID).handler(binaryHandler); [11:28:34] <temporalfox> Handler<Message<String» textHandler = msg → writeTextFrameInternal(msg.body()); [11:28:35] <temporalfox> textHandlerRegistration = vertx.eventBus().<String>localConsumer(textHandlerID).handler(textHandler); [11:28:55] <temporalfox> the idea is that you can use this ID to send a message [11:29:02] <temporalfox> to send somethign to a ws [11:29:08] <temporalfox> wondering if ppl really use this feature or not :-) [11:29:20] <temporalfox> I wanted to do something similar [11:29:30] <temporalfox> for Vert.x SHell TTY :-) [11:29:41] <temporalfox> so someone can broadcast text to shell sessions [11:30:54] <tsegismont> ok [11:32:12] <tsegismont> cescoffier, build fixed \o/ [11:32:17] <tsegismont> [11:32:29] <cescoffier> tsegismont : amazing ! [11:32:39] <cescoffier> tsegismont what was the reason ? [11:32:52] <tsegismont> i'll update the issue to explain why [11:33:06] <tsegismont> There's still a problem with the build trigger though [11:33:28] <tsegismont> The build runs only after a manual trigger or after vertx core is built [11:33:38] <tsegismont> I checked the build config [11:33:58] <tsegismont> “Build when a change is pushed to GitHub” is checked [11:34:20] <tsegismont> So maybe there's a webhook setup which is missing on the GH side [11:34:22] <tsegismont> I can't check [11:34:50] <tsegismont> I don't have access to the GH project settings [11:36:35] <temporalfox> ah yes we need to add webhooks [11:38:30] <temporalfox> acutally I don't have access to settings myself :-) [11:44:49] <tsegismont> temporalfox, that sounds like a mission for Superman - looking at you cescoffier ;) [11:51:43] <tsegismont> temporalfox, cescoffier I believe we're good for 3.2 release, is there anything I should/could do to help? [11:52:58] <cescoffier> tsegismont : no everything fine ! Thanks ! [13:10:29] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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[21:23:06] <Sam> I am trying to run the one of the existing test cases in HttpTest.testSendRangeFileFromClasspath and it fails with “Connection reset by peer” error [21:23:37] <Sam> am i missing something?

[21:25:28] <Sam__> nm. It runs fine on the master.