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[00:20:07] <voidDotClass> I'm tearing my hair out atm

[00:23:48] <voidDotClass> Saving the binary data as string works, via params.add( new String(bytes))

[00:23:52] <voidDotClass> this works for text data

[00:24:05] <voidDotClass> however for images / binary data, this causes them to not be saved right

[00:24:08] <voidDotClass> wtf

[00:26:25] <voidDotClass> WTF

[00:38:08] <AlexLehm> i think you have to create a Buffer for the binary data

[00:39:50] <voidDotClass> AlexLehm, no, jsonarray doesn't have a method for adding buffers, only bytes

[00:40:07] <voidDotClass> and i can only specify params for a preparedstatment via passing them in as a jsonarray

[00:40:28] <voidDotClass> and read them back via a jsonarray or a jsonobject which also doesn't have a getBuffer method

[00:41:36] <voidDotClass> i mean how hard is it to use jdbc.setBytes method since you're just writing a wrapper around it anyway

[00:42:36] <AlexLehm> I used json.getBinary(“data”) in my code, not sure how this plays with jdbc, I have not used that at all

[00:43:40] <AlexLehm> cantemojimmy: maybe its using the wrong java version, can you paste your java class somewhere (like gist)?

[00:44:28] <voidDotClass> AlexLehm, json.getBinary base64 encodes the data to a string, and writes the string to the db

[00:44:41] <voidDotClass> which fucks it up if you want to store and read back the raw binary data for performance

[00:44:53] <AlexLehm> like I said, I have not used that at all

[00:45:01] <voidDotClass> you're lucky

[00:45:13] <voidDotClass> i wish i didn't use it

[00:45:21] <voidDotClass> didn't have to*

[00:53:29] <voidDotClass> and calling commit on SqlConnection doesn't seem to actually commit / carry out the txns, even though it calls back the fucking call backs

[00:53:31] <voidDotClass> what the fuck

[00:59:58] <voidDotClass> nvm, that was an issue in my code. sorry

[01:00:07] <voidDotClass> but the bytes thing is a real issue

[01:10:43] <cantemojimmy> my class is src/main/java/io/vertx/blog/first/ on

[01:10:59] <cantemojimmy> $ java -version

[01:10:59] <cantemojimmy> java version “1.8.0_66”

[09:40:19] <amr> is there a way to use prepared statements with vertx-jdbc-client ?

[09:40:37] <amr> sorta reluctant to just throw some strings together from user input to use in queries : )

[09:41:41] <amr> oh hang on, i might be missing something

[09:41:54] <amr> like reading the src first

[09:53:28] <amr> forgot to update my answer so people dont go WHAT DID YOU FIND???

[09:53:36] <amr> jsonarray as a param after your string, duh

[13:52:52] <amr> anyone else find that there are lots of similar projects? i see jdbc client, service, same sorta thing with mongo

[13:53:00] <amr> whats the diff? which should i use? are they all current?

[20:54:02] <AlexLehm> does anybody have experience with powermock? I have tried to implement a test for a blocking operation in vertx-mail and for that I have to simulate a slow InternetAddr query

[20:54:10] <AlexLehm> that doesn't quite work as I would like