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[04:34:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [07:06:35] <steve_1985> anyone around? [07:06:56] <steve_1985> wondering if anyone here is using vertx and Spring framework [08:37:12] <cescoffier> there are examples in the vertx-examples repositories [09:29:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[09:47:56] <bosyak_> Hi all. Is it possible to deploy Verticle on-fly? I mean without restarting application?

[10:03:49] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [10:04:08] <cescoffier> bosyak_ : yes [10:04:15] <cescoffier> bosyak_ : vertx.deployVerticle(….) [10:04:59] <cescoffier> bosyak_ : if the code of the verticle must be provisioned, look at the HTTP service factory or maven service factory that let you download the verticle from a location (HTTP or Maven repository) and deploy it [10:10:43] <bosyak_> cescoffier: thanks [10:14:28] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_

[10:19:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [10:55:05] <aesteve> hi guys :) [10:56:15] <cescoffier> hi aesteve [11:15:46] <temporalfox> hi aesteve [13:19:28] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[13:40:40] <aesteve> temporalfox: I finally got something working re. behaviour driven testing :

[13:42:49] <aesteve> still lots of issues to notify what condition is not satisfied in a proper way but I think it will be possible. It involves heavy AST transformations, kudos to the ppl behind Spock, they must have written so many AST transforms…

[16:03:43] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [18:33:30] <bosyak> I have few Verticles, but they are “stateful”. Should I create separate Vertx for each “job batch” or it's better make Verticle stateless and store its state in some other place? [18:35:52] <temporalfox> bosyak it is hard to understand what you mean exactly [18:39:39] <bosyak> temporalfox, ok. I need create Verticle which will filter incoming URLs and pass only uniq one. And I need filter URLs from two different web sites (I can't shuffle it). Should I create two separate Vertx instances? [18:40:18] <bosyak> And I want do it in cluster (don't know how for moment) [18:48:06] <temporalfox> so you have two different web servers ? [18:49:48] <temporalfox> what are the incoming url ? how are they processed ? [18:54:12] <bosyak> temporalfox, I'm just parsing two (and more…) different websites. And one task while i'm parsing it it's filter uniq urls on those websites [18:54:52] <bosyak> So I need Map<> which will collect uniq urls which I pass to Verticle [18:57:17] <bosyak> Should I create two (and more) Verticles with its own Map<> or I should start only one instance of Verticle and somehow retrieve apopriate Map<> for each message? [18:58:26] <temporalfox> crawling ? [19:01:49] <bosyak> I need parse certain e-commerce site. [19:03:16] <bosyak> So I plan to create few types of Verticles. One for authentication, one for url filtering, one for pagination… [19:03:32] <bosyak> oh… I think I answer question my self… [19:03:45] <temporalfox> :-) [19:04:41] <bosyak> I have to create separate Vertx (with Verticles) for each web-site… because I will have different setting for different web-sites. [19:05:11] <bosyak> I mean auth cridentials… pagination rules… [19:05:30] <bosyak> temporalfox, do you understand me? [19:38:08] <bosyak> Hm… Can't find example how to implement MessageCodec [19:39:50] <bosyak> hm… it's look like it's correct to write like this MessageCodec<MyMessage,MyMessage> [21:17:35] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox

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