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[11:12:11] <spriet2000> hello ! lately i created a router for the vertx.. instead of working with regex it works with radix trees..

[11:12:44] <spriet2000> i measured it 4 times faster than a regex based router

[11:12:50] <spriet2000> (like routematcher)

[11:13:05] <spriet2000> you can find the repo here

[11:13:35] <spriet2000> its quite complicated but a lot situations are covered with unit tests

[11:15:10] <spriet2000> i use this project to learn about performance in java.. i think i can improve it a lot more

[11:16:04] <spriet2000> but you have to start somewhere

[13:18:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [13:36:33] <AlexLehm> is pretty good, by merging a pr it also can close the related issue and remove the inprogress tag [13:41:00] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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[16:54:44] <bosyak> How I can register codec? v1.eventBus().registerCodec(new MyCodec()); ?

[16:57:03] <bosyak> found v1.eventBus().registerDefaultCodec(MyMessage.class, new MyCodec());

[18:11:47] <bosyak> How to check how many messages on eventBus?

[18:12:07] <bosyak> and how many in process

[18:56:16] <amr> in the vertx-jdbc-client do i need to close the connection inside my getConnection()?

[19:02:34] <bosyak> amr, I suspect yes… if you open it your self

[19:02:36] <amr> i would think not, the jdbc example doesnt show that either

[19:02:40] <amr>

[19:03:04] <amr> im also not terribly sure what the diff between jdbc-client and mysql-postgresql-client is

[19:03:07] <amr> their api seems v similar

[19:04:20] <amr> but i find the work queue doesnt seem to go down and everything timesout

[19:05:13] <amr> maybe ill stick a .close in…

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